вяσтнєя☆ѕнυƒƒℓє! Complete


Hey Everyone! Brother Shuffle is finally completed! I hope you guys love this story as much as I did! I did add an extra video in the playlist from the Special Extra CD which was released afterwards. Its a continuation of the story (not that it needed it but oh well we can never have enough!) No manga chapters or translations were made for these tracks (Drama Cd freestyle is my guess.)and because I don’t typically do whole track translations, I still added them for those of view who do understand Japanese and still want to hear more about the story and it does have a sexy scene towards the end) (All 3 tracks are in one video.) Now as you can see I fucked up big time and deleted one of our pages lol. Now I did uploaded it real fast so you guys don’t suffer to much and please be aware its only temporary, because while I want to customize the site tonight and all changes are live but not permanent so don’t freak out !

Also Check out my next post so you guys can help me pick me new project 🙂

Watch вяσтнєя☆ѕнυƒƒℓє! Complete

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