New Project Update! (Please Read)

maxresdefaultHey Everyone!
The people have spoken! The winner is Links by Natsuki Kizu! I am really happy doing this project and the casting is what sold me entirely to committing to a Shounen-ai. I do have good news and bad news. Good news first, the CD offers a lot of freestyle including an H scenes not included in the manga. Well you read it, freestyle, so bad news is good for us in the long run, I will make the project this week but not release a single track until mikachan gets back to us and translate all the parts needded to complete for the video. ( Should be not the next weekend but the one after that.) I will launch the full 10 tracks, completed one shot for you guys for being patient! It will be worth it trust me.  Meanwhile Dawn is still doing her videos and for those wondering about Haru she’s in  school and should be returning to us soon! For all the other projects that were outvoted, doesnt mean we wont to them, we just wanted to see the priority. Yuuutsu na Asa will be my next project while waiting on translations since it got second!!DORAMABAKA SAMPLE_DO NOT REUPLOAD (1)

Cast of links if you are wondering
: Murata Taishi, Maeno Tomoaki, Nojima Hirofumi, Hatano Wataru, Furukawa Makoto, Hanae Natsuki ,Shingaki Tarusuke, Saitou Souma, Tamaru Atsushi. (Btw even Yashiro and Doumeki are in here lol weird)


7 thoughts on “New Project Update! (Please Read)

  1. Thank you for this~ we will wait patiently. Well, shounen ai is meh but itS BY GUSARI SENSEI YESYES. Her mangas as well as dj mangas are deep to begin with. Her art is gorgeous too (i use her iwaoi dj cover as my wallpaper)


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