уση∂αιмє σσуαмαтσ тαтѕυуυк

00 title chapter color

Hey Dawn Fujoshi here with Yondame Ooyamato Tatsuyuk part 2. Sorry its taken me so long to put out the next video. Between working 10 hours a day, watching the new anime from the Spring lineup, playing The Division and playing the open beta for Battleborn plus all the everyday stuff like cooking, cleaning and spending time with my hubby…… I just haven’t had the time 😦 But I’m back.

This video follows up after the hot and sexy sex between Tatsuyuki and the adorable Koga. In this update Tatsuyuki meet another strange person that seems to know him. I hope you guys enjoy the update. Now the wonderful people at Sals Scans has decided to stop translation this title so this will be the last video until it  is continued. I’m keeping my fingers crossed so I can bring this amazing manga to life for you guys. Until next time.

Playlist Link click here.



10 thoughts on “уση∂αιмє σσуαмαтσ тαтѕυуυк

  1. i’m waiting for this omg yano what i’ve read the complete raw of this & jackass. i also downloaded the drama cd recently. it’s really hot waa sasuga scarlet sensei (esp yondaime bc of the amount of h scenes *coughs*) too bad i only understand 10% of em. yondaime introduced me these two amazing seiyuus (since i’m new to these blcd stuffs). satou takuya’s moan is my top favourite so far *melts into a puddle*

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    • I’m glad you liked the video. I won’t be able to update the next video until the scans have been translated so hopefully they get updated soon. I do love Scarlet. I hope more groups decide to pick up her stories so I can read them. If only o know how to read the raws 😦


      • i was about to say the same thing! this is just out of curiosity, but don’t you have a few translators? is it bc they are busy or smth? or do you only pick cds that have eng translation?


      • Katsumi has an associate that helps when they can but unfortunately we do not have translators so we only do the cds with the English translation already done. I would love it if I had someone to go to for translations. I’d be able to put out videos a lot sooner.


      • looks like bro scans pick up whats left since sals scans was reported from what i see on myreadingmanga. i think we have hope *wipes tears*


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