мαυяι тσ яуυυ

Hello everyone! I’m Jessica Fujoshi, a new member of Fated Fujoshis, and today for my very first project I present Mauri to Ryuu! Or the prologue, for now. I’m really thankful towards Katsumi Fujoshi for teaching me the ropes and having to deal with me being so nervous lol. The team is honestly so nice and I was blown away with how much work they put into producing blcds for everybody. I hope to do as well as they did! To anybody that wants to join Fated Fujoshis, don’t be afraid!!
In Mauri to Ryuu, there are three short stories, but for now I’m presenting the first half of the first short story. In the first story, Yusa Kouji and Toyonaga Toshiyuki are the two main voice actors, which gave me quite the pleasant surprise. I mean, Toyonaga Toshiyuki, who voices Mikado from DRRR!, Hide from Tokyo Ghoul, and Tanizaki from Bungou Stray Dogs, voicing in blcds?! I got really excited.
Anyway, thank you for reading through this, and I hope you enjoy the prologue of Mauri to Ryuu!
📺  Watch Here Mauri to Ryuu By Moto Haruhira Prologue
Cast: Yusa Kouji x Toyonaga Toshiyuki, Shingaki Tarusuke x Hino Satoshi, Hino Satoshi x Hanae Natsuki
Summary :This collection of short stories features wandering gods who enrich the land. During their travels, they observe humans and sometimes fall in love. If that affection is returned, the gods take the human form of the one who loves them. [Source: The Manga Habit]




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