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Hey Everyone! I have a new completed project for you. I HIGHLY recommend watching this. It is really funny, sexy and…Sadistic lol hence the tittle. Before you start watching, if interested, this blcd could be a 🍺 drinking game! 🍺 Every time Yoshino says Takase, drink! (Try not to pass out before track 3 lol :P) PS. Yoshino is now my favorite seme EVER! I hope to see them to role reversal in future extras, ne? Katsumi xox

COVER✧Yasaotoko to Sadistic ✧ By Hideyoshico
BLCD & Manga, Complete Playlist (Scans By Acme)
♬ Cast : Okitsu Kazuyuki × Masuda Toshiki
Videos made by Katsumi Fujosh, Translations by  Nagareboshi
📺 Watch Here

ThumnailStarted as a collection of stories then turn to a completed Volume. This manga has many names considering it came out as one shots throughout the years.

♔ Contents & Summary
☆ 1. Konoyo no Hate Made I Love You (I Love You Until the End of the World)
A story about a stalker and the object of his affection.

☆ 2. Inu to Kami-sama (God and the Dog)
From Takase Hajime’s perspective of his stalker.

☆ 3-6. Seesaw Game
The story of glasses-wearing salaryman and his stalker continues.

☆ Extra – Yasaotoko to sadistic (Gentleman and Sadistic)

I_Love_You_Until_The_End_of_the_World_[acme]_pg105 - Copy (2)

I_Love_You_Until_The_End_of_the_World_[acme]_pg129 - Copy (2)


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