ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb Track 3

004 - Copy (2)ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb manga + cd Track 3
Videos made by Katsumi Fujosh, Translations by Nagareboshi.

Ohiyo Everyone! New update for bitch club! Sorry for the wait. Before we get started, I know we have advertisement on our site and NO we do not get paid for what we do. WordPress is free but comes with advertisement. If someone wanted to donate money so we can buy the upgraded version its 129$ (fml lol)

I wanted to take this opportunity to give you guys a little insight on all the changes on the site lately. (Added new manga scanlation section). As you can tell now I am dipping my toes into the scanlation bizz a little more, but we not official yet or anything. (Plus this site can handle multiple talents in different things right? ) The purpose of us sponsoring Hang out crisis was to pair it up with the CD (which we still dont have lol!!!) We’ll keep providing all the help we can to make this manga complete, along with Himitsu Ja nai kedo, who will most likely get a last cd.  This my favorite series and its been dropped by the previous scan group, so why not peruse it! ( Also keep this on the down low but I will be sponsoring a new manga with Sentimiento Yaoi, but keeping it hush hush for now, you guys will see in the beginning of August)

Changes to come; I’m not sure but OMG MY WRIST HURTS LOL. (like seriously, I might have to go to the hospital if I don’t take a break lol) doing blcds like these take TIME. For example for Links to had been this beautiful, it took  18hrs,  EVERYDAY for a month straight of cutting cropping (11 tracks) and popping bubbles, translations, OCD~Obsessiveness, etc. My motivation today is getting a bit scarce.(Hence why I am doing scanlations instead- to relax my wrist but still keeping busy.) So yes releases will be slow and on top of that everyone has busy lives and I am sadly back to work….I have noticed though, that a lot of you skip to the smut…So here is my idea, once all the blcds in the future list will get done in due time ( mainly the new ones not the remakes) I wanted to just do the sexy scenes! (Like the Nose bleed Videos Out on Youtube except we would include the scans synced in) Then I might be able to concentrate on manga scanlations in priority (the rest of the girls are free to do what they want, but I’m speculating ideas here + fans from scanlations create good advertisement for our BLCDS, its a win win and my wrist would be able to survive lol and can continue give you the sexy  scenes lol)

I also notice some of you also look for drama cd downloads in our search option, is that something you guys would like? links to download cd, or would you like me to start uploading just the cds themselves, because I know in certain countries its not acceptable for you so let me know…Jibber Jabber I am done talking lmao, and thank for reading, Ill be counting on you for input! (And just so you know you guys can always email us with request and such, I don’t mind to mediate links for you guys or add more yaoi reference sites on the blog!)


Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo Chapter 2


Hey guys, Katsumi here letting you guys know that Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo by Mei Sakuraga, Chapter 2 is Done! This is a  Joint FatedFujoshis & SakuraYuki523 project, that will be also available on Sakurayuki523‘s blog, where you can can also see spoilers and more of “I want to be naughty “(Warui series) Franchise!- Huge fan.  (Tiff here is also one of our own fujoshis and helps out with translations for CDs 😋I also wanted to say sorry for the wait for those who love this series, I wanted to take a quick break from making BLCD videos and since our last mangas scanlations updates. I had an itch to scratch with typesetting, trying out a new program and so i hope you guys like it. -Katsumi xox

Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo ( Volume 14 ) Mei Sakuraga (Ongoing)
Chapter 1 DW
Chapter 2 DW
Translator : Sakurayuki523 & IDGAF
Scans : Sakurayuki523
Cleaner : anonymous & Katsumi Fujoshi
Typesetter : Katsumi Fujoshi


Ps : Watch the whole series Here ( Audio + Manga Video) Complete Volume List ( 1-13) Warui Series (I want to be Naughty) (This Playlist contains are home vids and other uploader for you to be able to watch the whole thing!-seriously, hours of bl lol- Enjoy!

[3745höüsë] ï’m hërë säÿïnġ nöthïnġ – ġïntämä dj

Hey guys! This is not a BLCD update but a manga one! I have been behind the scenes of manga scanlations lately, and with that I opened a new section to this blog call Manga scanlations to not make it confusing on the blog. On these post I’ll be posting either sponsored projects or joint projects our even home projects! So now that we are doing Hang out crisis, I also wanted to dab a lil in doujins and what better way then to start with Gintama! Here you go you guys can go read it on Nina’s blog 🙂 (Click on the link below)


[3745HOUSE] I’m here saying nothing – Gintama dj  Uncensored.

God that circle makes this pairing so fucking hot!!! The best, for sure. Even if you are not a fan you will be converted lol) Again thanks to Nina from nijiniji-nikubou-scans.tumblr.com For making this happen, Aka-chan from Whitelies Fansub for uncensoring the penises (like OMFG LOOK AT IT IT SOO BEAUTIFUL LOL)

Ps: I will be doing a joint project with Sentimiento yaoi for another Gintama Dj, That will be out shortly. -89.2℃ – Gintama dj. Pairing: Hijikata x Okita ( I can’t wait its soo fluffy and sexy 😉 )


hänġ öüt ċrïsïs bÿ öwärü


hänġ öüt ċrïsïs bÿ öwärü chapter 1 (uncensored) –

Hey guys! So we partnered up with   Nijiniji Nikubou Scans who  have been working  on  a new manga release, Hang Out Crisis by Owal, all in the hopes that we would get to launch it same time as the cd that came out on the 23rd, BUTTTT *cry face* I have no CD, I though it would be up for grabs on the internet, but still no CD. Regardless if you guys are interested here is the link for the manga, chapter 1 download is available, and don’t forget to check back here for when I do get the Cd because it will be a whole track of sexy moaning lol!

♬Cast: Taniyama Kishou (Tsubakiya Jousei) x Furukawa Makoto (Sakurai Motoki) Nishiyama Koutarou.

dcaa703ejw1ex51d0en4wj20or0b9tdn♔Visit Nijiniji Nikubou Scans For updates!♔

📖 Download Chapter 1 Here

Sponsored By Fated Fujoshis
Translations By Jane Wong & NQS
Proof-reading By NQS
Cleaning: Lia and Aka-chan From White lies FanSub
Typesetting : Nini Niji

Thank you to everyone involve with this project and 🍻 cheers for future chapters 😉 -Katsumi

Summary: Famous Tsubakiya Jyousei, from the Faculty of Law, and popular Sakurai Motoki, from the Faculty of Education, are hot guys who don’t know failure when it comes to bringing girls home from mixers. Coming back from a disappointing mixer, Jyousei says, “If it’s between those, you give me more of a hard on!” Drunk and going with the heat of the moment, the two end up at a love hotel?! They only went in with the momentum, but Jyousei actually gets hard, so a surprised Motoki has no choice but to jerk him off with his hands. With curiosity and interest, the situation escalates. In the face of pleasure, reason quickly breaks down and realization only hits afterwards?

Danger approaches for the ultimate combination of these two mixer legends! Their relationship shifts delicately- Will it take the form of love or friendship?

tumblr_o86v8hJEhw1ul94hro1_1280You can purchase the CD HERE

ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb

004 - Copy (2).jpgÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb manga + cd Track 3

Konichiwa minna-san! I’ll keep this one short! ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb manga + cd Track 3 is ready. I had totally forgot that Okitsu Kazuyuki (Tamura) was in this! He is my ultimate love affair right now with seiyuus lol.-sooooo sexy ? Ne? Anyone agree? (He Also did the voice of Takayuki in Owaranai & Yoshino in Yasaotoko to sadisct) On another note, I have a big surprise coming with the Launch of Hang out crisis BLCD by OWARU, so stay toon around the 23rd, 24th! (mooohahah! You wont be disapointed!!!!) Ps; I took vacay from the 23rd till the 4th of july And I will work on putting out Bitch Club faster!-Katsumi xox

Watch Here 

005 - Copy (2)

ηι¢нιנσυ ηι αяυ ѕнιαωαѕє ηι тѕυιтє ησ нαηαѕнι

01 - Copy (3)

GUSH 150th issue Anniversary Special Short
Gosan no Heart & Owaranai Fukou ni Tsuite no Hanashi CD Extra Chapter (tack 6)
Nichijou ni Aru Shiawase ni Tsuite no Hanashi
“A story about the happiness in our everyday life” By Chise Ogawa

Hey guys, I have a little surprise for you! We did a joint project with Sentimiento Yaoi to have quicker release to say bye bye to this series! We are releasing the last track of Owaranai Fukou ni Tsuite no Hanashi’s CD v2 (this time with the manga!) and tommorow you will have the manga version only, to read also on Sentimiento Yaoi’s blog

Thank you to my beloved translator Nagareboshi and the Sentimiento Yaoi team to make this happen quickly. (And to the Anonymous scan provider who will also give us an extra that was also  forgotten among the yaoi goodness!- you might of seen a mini version on our tumblr blog, just waiting on the actual scans to be shipped!)


♬ Cast: Ryuta Udou x Toshihisa Miki(Wataru Hatano x Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)
Takayuki Udou x Seiji Kiyotake (Kazuyuki Okitsu x Tasuruke Shingaki)

Watch Here

ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb

004 - Copy (2).jpg

ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb manga + cd Track 2

Hello Everyone, I have tack 2 (chapter) ready for you guys! Little Heads up, I actually started work again last friday…I’m back in the real world, working monday to friday…(Please someone push me down the stairs so I can break 1 leg and continue working on my vids * cry face* lol) I shall try to release each part every 2 days- 3 days tops…So for now enjoy 🙂 Watch Here