ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb

004 - Copy (2).jpg

ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb manga + cd Track 2

Hello Everyone, I have tack 2 (chapter) ready for you guys! Little Heads up, I actually started work again last friday…I’m back in the real world, working monday to friday…(Please someone push me down the stairs so I can break 1 leg and continue working on my vids * cry face* lol) I shall try to release each part every 2 days- 3 days tops…So for now enjoy 🙂 Watch Here



3 thoughts on “ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb

      • I didnt check the replynotifybox, so it was late to saw your reply .. 😦 sorry

        I bought and listen the original cd, but I didn’t recognize that only at animate has the bonus cd..
        Anyway, I’ll just waiting for it – Thanks !!


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