ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb ċd

tumblr_o8k2u2unQZ1teov1io1_1280Ogeretsu Tanaka sensei’s manga ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb
♬ Cast : Kobayashi Yuusuke (Touno Takashi), Hamano Daiki (Kashima Yuu), Murase Ayumu (Yaguchi Kyousuke), Takuya Satou (Yuri), Okitsu Kazuyuki (Tamura), Yonaga Tsubasa (Akemi), Nakazawa Masatomo (Itsuki Shikatani), Nakayama Masahiro (Itome) , others
Videos made by Katsumi Fujosh& Translations by Nagareboshi
Scans By Whitelies Fansub

Summary : From Whitelies Fansub: Freshmen Toono moves to Tokyo in order to transfer to an all-male-academy, surrounded by the mountains [Private Academy Mori-Mori]. Our friendly character Yaguchi is the first one to befriend him, but the lack of interest in sports coming from Toono, force him to join the photography club instead of the soccer club with Yaguchi. Not only is it called the photography club, but also “The Yarichin Bitch cub”, whose members are outstanding senpai’s. Besides Toono, there’s also a new member in the club: Kashima senpai, they both started the same day, and they don’t seem to have any problem at all, even when Toono gets confessed in the club! Toono thinks that Yaguchi is adorable, but he always ends up blushing whenever Kashima is near. But above anything else, there are feelings found between the senpai’s…

016 color.jpgPlease read!
Arigato for watching our video. We ask that you do not reupload this video anywhere in case of copyright. If you do, then please Render the video once more so its serial number is not related to us and please do not credit back to us. Thank you.
Ps : We will do a remastered version in the future with more Quality scans! (This is not the uploaders fault, just the size of these scans were not meant for this!)

📺WATCH HEREchara_achara_bchara_cchara_dchara_echara_fchara_gchara_h




13 thoughts on “ÿärïċhïn drämä bïtċh ċlüb ċd

  1. Hello and thanks for this BLCD video! I’ve been looking for this for months >”< So I got the digital version of the manga and if you need any help with the HQ scan I can share it with you! Fighting!

    Ps: I'm also looking forward to Ameiro Paradox 3 from you guys since chapter 15 has been released~ Please keep up with the great job ❤

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