[3745höüsë] ï’m hërë säÿïnġ nöthïnġ – ġïntämä dj

Hey guys! This is not a BLCD update but a manga one! I have been behind the scenes of manga scanlations lately, and with that I opened a new section to this blog call Manga scanlations to not make it confusing on the blog. On these post I’ll be posting either sponsored projects or joint projects our even home projects! So now that we are doing Hang out crisis, I also wanted to dab a lil in doujins and what better way then to start with Gintama! Here you go you guys can go read it on Nina’s blog 🙂 (Click on the link below)


[3745HOUSE] I’m here saying nothing – Gintama dj  Uncensored.

God that circle makes this pairing so fucking hot!!! The best, for sure. Even if you are not a fan you will be converted lol) Again thanks to Nina from nijiniji-nikubou-scans.tumblr.com For making this happen, Aka-chan from Whitelies Fansub for uncensoring the penises (like OMFG LOOK AT IT IT SOO BEAUTIFUL LOL)

Ps: I will be doing a joint project with Sentimiento yaoi for another Gintama Dj, That will be out shortly. -89.2℃ – Gintama dj. Pairing: Hijikata x Okita ( I can’t wait its soo fluffy and sexy 😉 )



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