hänġ öüt ċrïsïs bÿ öwärü


hänġ öüt ċrïsïs bÿ öwärü chapter 1 (uncensored) –

Hey guys! So we partnered up with   Nijiniji Nikubou Scans who  have been working  on  a new manga release, Hang Out Crisis by Owal, all in the hopes that we would get to launch it same time as the cd that came out on the 23rd, BUTTTT *cry face* I have no CD, I though it would be up for grabs on the internet, but still no CD. Regardless if you guys are interested here is the link for the manga, chapter 1 download is available, and don’t forget to check back here for when I do get the Cd because it will be a whole track of sexy moaning lol!

♬Cast: Taniyama Kishou (Tsubakiya Jousei) x Furukawa Makoto (Sakurai Motoki) Nishiyama Koutarou.

dcaa703ejw1ex51d0en4wj20or0b9tdn♔Visit Nijiniji Nikubou Scans For updates!♔

📖 Download Chapter 1 Here

Sponsored By Fated Fujoshis
Translations By Jane Wong & NQS
Proof-reading By NQS
Cleaning: Lia and Aka-chan From White lies FanSub
Typesetting : Nini Niji

Thank you to everyone involve with this project and 🍻 cheers for future chapters 😉 -Katsumi

Summary: Famous Tsubakiya Jyousei, from the Faculty of Law, and popular Sakurai Motoki, from the Faculty of Education, are hot guys who don’t know failure when it comes to bringing girls home from mixers. Coming back from a disappointing mixer, Jyousei says, “If it’s between those, you give me more of a hard on!” Drunk and going with the heat of the moment, the two end up at a love hotel?! They only went in with the momentum, but Jyousei actually gets hard, so a surprised Motoki has no choice but to jerk him off with his hands. With curiosity and interest, the situation escalates. In the face of pleasure, reason quickly breaks down and realization only hits afterwards?

Danger approaches for the ultimate combination of these two mixer legends! Their relationship shifts delicately- Will it take the form of love or friendship?

tumblr_o86v8hJEhw1ul94hro1_1280You can purchase the CD HERE


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