Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo Chapter 2


Hey guys, Katsumi here letting you guys know that Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo by Mei Sakuraga, Chapter 2 is Done! This is a  Joint FatedFujoshis & SakuraYuki523 project, that will be also available on Sakurayuki523‘s blog, where you can can also see spoilers and more of “I want to be naughty “(Warui series) Franchise!- Huge fan.  (Tiff here is also one of our own fujoshis and helps out with translations for CDs 😋I also wanted to say sorry for the wait for those who love this series, I wanted to take a quick break from making BLCD videos and since our last mangas scanlations updates. I had an itch to scratch with typesetting, trying out a new program and so i hope you guys like it. -Katsumi xox

Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo ( Volume 14 ) Mei Sakuraga (Ongoing)
Chapter 1 DW
Chapter 2 DW
Translator : Sakurayuki523 & IDGAF
Scans : Sakurayuki523
Cleaner : anonymous & Katsumi Fujoshi
Typesetter : Katsumi Fujoshi


Ps : Watch the whole series Here ( Audio + Manga Video) Complete Volume List ( 1-13) Warui Series (I want to be Naughty) (This Playlist contains are home vids and other uploader for you to be able to watch the whole thing!-seriously, hours of bl lol- Enjoy!


24 thoughts on “Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo Chapter 2

  1. Thank you for your hard work.
    I really love this manga. However, can you please reupload it via mediafire? I don’t know why but I can’t download it via mega ~


  2. Thank you for your hard work.😊😊😊😊😊
    I really love this manga. However, can you please reupload it via mediafire. I can’t download this manga via mega😭😭😭 i don’t know whyyyy


    • I wont in the future, only because we have soooo many logins for everything I cant keep up with logins and pw lol. If its through pc then just click download through browser, then unzip, if its mobile, yes it makes you go to the app, but you can download it without login (the app is actually the mobile version of the site) – pretty straight forward answer lol. Sorry for the inconvenience 😦


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