нαηg συт ¢яιѕιѕ manga + cd Part 1


003.jpg– Konbnawa minna-san! The project that I have been impatiently waiting to launch is finally here all thanks to WinterD for giving us the BLCD! And omg….So worth the wait…This whole track is SEX lol Loveeee it. Owaru is known for smuttiness and does not disappoint!! Hope you guys like it, it was super difficult to crop these scenes and I didn’t want to go to small and stretch out the art, so please enjoy! (Ps : Bitch Club is next on my list right after I finish typesetting Rouge!)  Thank you Nina  (Nijiniji Nikubou Scans) who  made this release happen for me 🙂

📺 Hang Out Crisis By Owaru (Uncensored)
♬Cast: Taniyama Kishou x Furukawa Makoto x Nishiyama Koutarou

Video Credits
Videos Created By Katsumi Fujoshi
CD Freestyle Translations : Nagareboshi
CD Provider : WinterD

Scans Credits ( Nijiniji Nikubou Scans)
Translation Sponsored By Fatedfujoshis
Translations : Jane Wang & NQS
Proofreading : NQS
Cleaning : Lia & Aka-chan / White Lies Fansub
Typesetting : Nini Niji

014 - Copy.jpg


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