I Have No Idea about Boys Chapter 1

Chapter 1.pngHey Guys! New release from another manga we’ve just picked up! I swear our To Do list is just getting longer and longer lol. Again  Sentimiento Yaoi has wrapped me up in another Katsura Komachi manga and I couldn’t help myself at all…no self control… I owe them big time for a project that I have dreamed about for a while, which is  in prototype mode…And yes it is Blcd related and yess you will die of so much yaoiness I CANT WAIT TO TELL YOU GUYS mouhahaha..For those who have wondered when my next blcd updates will be…Argg, I’m not sure, I am falling in love with scanlations…So Please be patient for more blcd updates!! Meanwhile Dawn is still here to do that!  Enjoy -Katsumi xox

Otokonoko no Koto wa Nani mo Shiranai (Ongoing)
(I Have No Idea About Boys)
By Katsura Komachi
Chapter 1 DW
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project.

For those who will ask for re-translations : Click Here FAQ


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