könö örë ġä ömäë nänkä sükï nä wäkënäï

Hey Guys, I have a new update for you! I really love Ogawa Chise and so  I present you Kono ore ga omae nanka suki na wakenai! Special Thanks to  Marvie who gave us the CD. I think this one is  the fluffiest stories of Ogawa Sensei has made so far since it always goes on the darker sides usually !- (Not that I mind lol)  I would have been done by now, that was my original goal to launched it completed, but…We have a newbie on our team ♥ and I helped and mentored her with her very first BLCD! ( Please check out Blue Skye Complex!) I will stay on BLCD making for this week, until I get my cleans for Boys (Scanlations) by next weekend and I will  try to complete this BLCD this week! I have 2 tracks for you guys, I already did the extra because I wanted to see the sex scene before hand lol, but you guys are gonna have to wait for the last part 🙂 For now I hope its enough!

📺 kono ore ga omae nanka suki na wakenai 
BLCD + Manga Track 1-2 By Ogawa Chise (In progress)
♬ Cast: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu x Satou Takuya
Videos Made Katsumi Fujoshi & Freestyle Translation By Nagareboshi
Scans By GG Scans & Ririne

Summary: Fujima Taisei is a high schooler who had grown up spoiled by the people around him ever since he was little because of his pretty face. In his pleasant school life, there was only one time that had become the only stain in his life, when a student named Okachimachi, whom Taisei had grown close to in order to get others’ attention, had told him that actually he had never been his friend at all. Now Taisei wants revenge. What will happen these two?!



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