Hang Out Crisis by Owaru Chapter 2

Woohoo another chapter done! Expect the BLCD soon, but not to soon, we have a bunch of translated chapters and they are being typeset at the moment. We are so busy behind the scenes, I’m really sorry and I promise an update soon 😉 For now enjoy this amazing smut lol 😛 -Katsumi




мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ Track 3 + Manga


Dawn Fujoshi here with an update for мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ part 3. Have I told you guys how much I love this couple?!? Ok I’ll turn my fangirling down for a sec so I can give you guys some updates. I’m hoping to be completely done with both cds this week.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed. You know how I am when it comes to keeping a schedule lol. I’ll also have an update to Vanilla Resort tomorrow. With so much going on the next track for Vanilla Resort has some freestyle that I do not have translated. We don’t really have the man power so I am sorry. I hate to put a rush job on it but I’m be going to Yaoicon in September so I want to be done with Vanilla Resort, мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ and the completed cd for Ten Count Vol 4 which I am working on.  So yeah not a whole lot of time to complete a whole lot of videos. Ok I’ll stop talking. Below is the video like an also some scan updates.

Mou Ichido, Nando Demo by Aniya Yuiji Part 3
♬ Cast: Shingaki Tarusuke × Satou Takuya
Video Made By Dawn Fujoshi & Freestyle Translation By Nagareboshi
Scans & Translations By Koyukiya

 Scan Updates

  • Rouge By Katsura Komachi / Chap.4 (Extra); – Translated/ Cleaned, Typesetting in progress.
  • Otokonoko no Koto wa Nani mo Shiranai By Katsura Komachi /Chap 3-4-5-6;  Translated /Cleaned/ Typesetting in progress.
  • 1/2 Cigarette by Kayama Aori Chapter 1;  Translated/Cleaned/Typesetting in progress.
  • Furueru mune no By Coconoe Ricoco (One Shot) Translated / Cleaned, Typesetting (Awaiting)
  • Mr.Gossip By Katsura Komachi; Translated/Cleaned/Typesetting in progress. + awaiting colored cover page!

blüë skÿ ċömplëx BLCD + Manga Track 2


Blue Sky Complex by Ichikawa Kei BLCD + Manga 2 is now available!! (Link below!!) Hi there it’s me Cookie Fujo again, So about the 25 days that I have not updated, for one I was on holidays for 9 days with no internet and then having to finish doing everything with my sister imprisoning me in her room for a bit when we got back. So um yeah, at least I got to see two seals that resembled me and my sister perfectly on the holiday it was fun. Moving on Chapter two of this magnificent manga and BLCD, for one I really like this chapter because Terashima was being an adorable ass cinnamon roll I can’t even comprehend, so so adorable. Maybe I’m over exaggerating  but I find him adorable in this. Ehem, therefore, enjoy this BLCD + Manga track 2 of Blue Sky Complex.
– Cookie Fujo

417336Blue Sky Complex by Ichikawa Kei BLCD + Manga 2
♬ Cast: Eguchi Takuya x Satou Takuya
Videos Made By Cookie Fujo & Freestyle Translation By Nagareboshi
Scans By Scans By Nyxilicious Scans


ROUGE, Chapter 3 Now Available!


Rouge By Katsura Komachi, chapter 3 is now available! –

 – Please wait 48hrs before uploading to manga site, in case of mistakes!


ROUGE By Katsura Komachi (Ongoing)
Chapter 1 Dw
Chapter 2 Dw
Chapter 3 Dw
Translations: Nagareboshi
Japanese Proofreading: Fated Fujoshis
English Proofreading: Phocupcake
Scans: The Anon?
Cleaning: Yoru / Sentimiento Yaoi
Typesetting: Katsumi Fujoshi
Quality Check : Nini Niji
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project


Scan News/ Update; Currently typesetting Otokonoko no Koto wa Nani mo Shiranai Chapter 3-4  / Mr. Gossip is getting cleaned! -Thx The Anon? / Sentimiento Yaoi!


Mr.Gossip By Komachi Katsura
(In progress, Ongoing In Qpa Magazine)
Scans By The Anon?
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project Coming Soon! (Translations are done, only cleaning remains!

-89.2℃ Oneshot (Gintama DJ)

Hey Guys, I have a new Oneshot Doujin -89.2℃ / Circle <[Rosy/ hA_Ru]! This was actually the first story I wanted to have translated by our group and it took a long to get here but its finally over and I am really to be able to share this super kawaii story with you! I had found this Dj on myreadingmanga.info and saw a lot of people wanted it in English, and with the shower scene, how could I have resisted 😉 Thank you everyone who was able to help me, if it wasn’t for you guys, this project wouldn’t of happen! -Cheers, Katsumi.

Ps: For those who are wondering about my BLCDs, I am planning on doing a lot of chapter releases until the Escape Journey Drama CD ( Late October), So for now on, only expect the future chapters of Hang out Crisis – / BLCD until then, unless I get caught up in all the scans projects ( So many chapters are ready to be typeset!)


<[Rosy/ hA_Ru]-89.2℃ Oneshot DJ
Pairing: Hijikata x Okita
Translations Sponsored By Fated Fujoshis
Japanese Proofread Nagarboshi
English Proofread Phocupcake
Typesetting Katsumi Fujoshi
Cleaning Yoru/Nikah
Quality Check Nini Niji
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi for spanish version (at a later date)



мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ Track 2 + Manga

Hey Dawn Fujoshi here and I bring to you an update. So Katsumi started this one by doing track one. She’s been so busy with the scans lately that we’ve decided that I will add this amazing project to my list. Now our video editing styles are a little different so I hope you guys enjoy my version for track 2. I love this story and was so excited when I found out that they were making a drama cd. Yes the sex between these two is so fucking hot but it’s much more than that. Everything I read this one I still get emotional even though I already know what’s going to happen lol. Ok enough of me talking. I have to work tonight so good night everyone and enjoy the show 😉


📺 Mou ichido, nando demo By Aniya Yuiji Part 2
♬ Cast: Shingaki Tarusuke × Satou Takuya
Video Made By Dawn Fujoshi & Freestyle Translation By Nagareboshi
Scans & Translations By Koyukiya


Links – An Unusual Connection

LINKSRelationships are always complex, they never go smoothly, but so does life. As the title suggests, this manga’s story revolve around eight men all linked aka connected with each other through circumstances, profession, and personal relationships. Links talk about these men trying to live their lives and hoping to find happiness and maybe love.

Getting to know the characters & Seiyuus

Sekiya Masahito & Shibata Ryou

Have you ever waited to listen to your favorite radio show/TV series with baited breath just to hear or watch your fave RJ or TV actor talk or perform. The first couple featuring in our story share a similar kind of link ^.^565feb632b0c3add0e51aef8f53e9486

maeno3 Sekiya Masahito (Seiyuu – Maeno Tomoaki) and Shibata Ryou (Seiyuu – Taishi Murata) established their  link when this  young radio jockey with a suave voice meets the 30 yr old TaishiMuratashop manager with a koe/voice fetish. Sekiya’s first meeting with Shibata was coincidental when he came for a coffee and Shibata recognizes his voice as the voice of the RJ that has enamored him in his fave Midnight radio show. Sekiya gets irritated by this overly enthusiastic, extremely friendly, bothersome ossan and his persistent requests of friendship. Shibata san is too dense to understand that Sekiya kun does not want to get along. How will Shibata san manage to get the unsociable Sekiya’s attention?

Tsubame Yahiko & Niitsu Akiha

The second couple’s relationship is of two people having a link through professional/personal connections.


Yahiko is Sado’s Secretary (who is a Yakuza boss), and his bodyguard (Seiyuu- Hatano wacchanWataru), and he is head over heals for Akiha (Seiyuu – Nojima 11956Hirofumi) Sado’s senpai and his dead brother’s ex lover. Akiha is still clinging to his past love, to the memories of his dead boyfriend (Seiyuu – Tamaru Atsushi). No one can replace the memories of the past and if someone is not ready to move on, its even harder for the ones who love them. This is the reality of Yahiko and Akiha. Akiha does feel something for Yahiko, but the past memories keep coming back, and he is just not able to let go. Will Akiha ever understand that his happiness time has finally arrived; that sometimes its better to let go of the past and accept to give love another chance?

Kameda Aoi & Ogikawa Yuusei

Our third couple did not even started as a couple, they were just two people who got linked through a cat.59e379da15e0b742f6f38b3730230809

hanaenatsuki141311Yup, Ogikawa (Seiyuu- Hanae Natsuki) is a sales man who tried to rescue a cat from rain, but collapsed because he was drunk. In came the knight in shinning armor, Kameda, a metal engraver and Shinobu’s childhood friend (Seiyuu- Furukawa Makoto) who was just walking by. He sees the drenched /sorry looking fellow and his cat, picks them up and brings them to his home. Next is a sudden development of adopting the cat, sharing meals together and taking care of both cat and food expenses. Well, they had some quirky moments and their likeness is extremely cute and heartwarming. But, will their friendship turn into another quirky relationship?

 Nakajou Shinobu & Sado Takaaki

Our final couple looks like two people always on bad terms (seen mostly arguing or fighting with each other).


32523How are they linked…Shinobu (SeShingakiTarusukeiyuu- Saito Soma) is a Yakuza’s son, although he does not do any Yakuza work and he is Sado’s partner (Seiyuu – Shingaki Tarusuke) who is a Yakuza boss and has been working under Shinobu’s father. They share a connection through a tragedy that happened 10 years ago, which brought them together and started a relationship with no expectations, but somehow they are still together. Will one them break the fragile thread that binds them or will they hold on to it, to each other desperately?

BLCD Verdict – *****

I have to say this loud and clear – THIS IS A MUST LISTEN BLCD… Yes, you will feel the effect of the manga triple fold with this drama CD. There is no question that the whole cast has done a wonderful job in voice acting. We have an awesomely cool regular fave BL seiyuus – Meano san (Ten Count & Ameiro Paradox), Shingaki san  and Wacchan (Saezuru Tori Wa Habatakanai  & Gosan no Heart), and Nojima san (NightS & Mother’s Spirit) in lead roles. But, the new comers in BL drama voices, Taishi san and Saito kun are amazing enacting their roles too. Taishi san (Baby Steps anime) is super hilarious portraying the awkward, 35989happy go lucky Shibata; while Saito kun blew me over when I heard him playing Shinobu (totally different avatar from his anime roles, looking so forward to his role in Given BLCD). Another noticeable seiyuu is Furkuwa Makoto san (Given); forget One Punch Man please and behold his BL seiyuu version. Although he portrays a quiet character of Kameda Aoi, the acting is too funny and so is his chemistry with Hanae Natsuki kun who is sounding surprisingly mature in his BL voice acting work. Tamaru Atsushi kun did a good job as a supporting seiyuu enacting the dead brother’s role whose presence has remained throughout the series.

All four stories have something in common, they touch your heart and all four couples will become your favorite. I loved Sekiya and Shibata…they are just too cute to ignore, but its Shinobu and Sado whose constant banter, yet extreme feelings for each other stole my heart. It is a recommended must-read and a keeper. I hope Natsuki Kizu sensei brings us a sequel of this series.



Links By Kizu Natsuki
♫ Cast: Shibata Ryou Taishi Murata, Tomoaki Maeno, Hirofumi Nojima, Wataru Hatano, Makoto Furukawa, Natsuki Hanae, Tarusuke Shingaki, Saito Soma & Atsushi Tamaru.
Watch BLCD + MANGA Montage Here