мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ Track 2 + Manga

Hey Dawn Fujoshi here and I bring to you an update. So Katsumi started this one by doing track one. She’s been so busy with the scans lately that we’ve decided that I will add this amazing project to my list. Now our video editing styles are a little different so I hope you guys enjoy my version for track 2. I love this story and was so excited when I found out that they were making a drama cd. Yes the sex between these two is so fucking hot but it’s much more than that. Everything I read this one I still get emotional even though I already know what’s going to happen lol. Ok enough of me talking. I have to work tonight so good night everyone and enjoy the show 😉


📺 Mou ichido, nando demo By Aniya Yuiji Part 2
♬ Cast: Shingaki Tarusuke × Satou Takuya
Video Made By Dawn Fujoshi & Freestyle Translation By Nagareboshi
Scans & Translations By Koyukiya



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