ROUGE, Chapter 3 Now Available!


Rouge By Katsura Komachi, chapter 3 is now available! –

 – Please wait 48hrs before uploading to manga site, in case of mistakes!


ROUGE By Katsura Komachi (Ongoing)
Chapter 1 Dw
Chapter 2 Dw
Chapter 3 Dw
Translations: Nagareboshi
Japanese Proofreading: Fated Fujoshis
English Proofreading: Phocupcake
Scans: The Anon?
Cleaning: Yoru / Sentimiento Yaoi
Typesetting: Katsumi Fujoshi
Quality Check : Nini Niji
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project


Scan News/ Update; Currently typesetting Otokonoko no Koto wa Nani mo Shiranai Chapter 3-4  / Mr. Gossip is getting cleaned! -Thx The Anon? / Sentimiento Yaoi!


Mr.Gossip By Komachi Katsura
(In progress, Ongoing In Qpa Magazine)
Scans By The Anon?
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project Coming Soon! (Translations are done, only cleaning remains!


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