мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ тяαςк 5-7



Hello!Hello! I’ve missed you all. So I’ve been on a mini vacation. So sorry for not posting that before I left lol. I went to Yaoicon and had an amazing time. By day three my voice was gone lol. Meet some wonderful people and can not wait until next year. Ok enough about me. I come bringing gifts. I have tracks 5, 6 and 7 from мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ. Instead of going on and on about have fucking amazing this manga is I will leave it here. Good night you beautiful people.

мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ ву αиιуα уυιנι ραят 5-7
♬ Cast: Shingaki Tarusuke × Satou Takuya
Video Made By Dawn Fujoshi & Freestyle Translation By Nagareboshi
Scans & Translations By Koyukiya


11 thoughts on “мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ тяαςк 5-7

    • Thanks you! I’ve had a ball with cd. It’s so good that I’m sad I’m almost done. Thanks again for your patience and support.


    • You’re welcome. There are a few tracks left. I’ll try to get them out by the end of the weekend. Thanks for your patience and I’m glad you liked it.


  1. Hi! I love this Manga and the work you’ve done on the drama cd. I just wanted to ask if there will be any more updates in this one.

    Thanks! you’re awesome!


    • Hi! There are 3 more videos and I’m almost done with them. I decided to post all three at the same time. I’m sorry it’s taken me so long but I’ll have them completed in a few days. Thank you for watching my videos and for your support and patience.


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