уσяυ тσ αѕα ησ υтα ву нαяα∂α BLCD + MANGA [Complete]


✰Yoru To Asa No Uta By Harada
♬Cast: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu x Satou Takuya
Videos By Haru Fujoshi (Sweetyaoiobsession)
📺 Watch Online Here

YEAAAAH finally! Hello btw lmao, well to start I must say that this manga even when it has a lot of violence the ending is pretty cute~ And also every part of the playlist is R18, wich means a lot of sex lol. So if you’re the type of fujoshi/fudanshi who can’t stand violence between the characters of the story, this manga is not for you, actually every Harada’s work is like that so, no Harada for you! lol I warned you! Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks a lot for watching our videos and support us~ LOVE YOU GUYS! see ya’ in another BLCD~ -Haru (SweetYaoiObsession)

complete set - Copy (2).png


3 thoughts on “уσяυ тσ αѕα ησ υтα ву нαяα∂α BLCD + MANGA [Complete]

  1. Thank you guys for this YTANU BLCD. You could not please me more! Harada is my favorite mangaka (and YTANU my fav manga) and I love her world, though (or because ?) she is so pessimistic in depicting human nature…
    Thank you for all your great work XDDDD


  2. Oh my goodness, I was hoping Yoru would beat the shit out of them or for Shiori to get mad at Iori . Ugh, all my hopes and dreams XD!!! I thought they were kool at first until they hurt my baby, even though I kinda couldn’t stay completely mad at them all the way to the end XDD! But Yoru is so freaking cute, him and Asaichi both. Poor baby Asaichi though, his crying was adorable. I’m so evil XD!! Very intriguing story of course. I can’t thank you enough! Thank you soo much~ ❤


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