½ Cigarette By Kayama Aori Chapter 3 Download

***Gomenasai***Hey Guys, Chapter 3 is now available from ½ Cigarette By Kayama Aori. ^^ So sorry it took forever, we were on a Katsura Komachi binge for a while lol, then YOI and Knb djs appeared and we just couldn’t help it lol. Speaking which we finally got our hands on the scans for Rouge et le Noir by Katsura!!  Yoru @sentimientoyaoi is recoloring the first color pages and it will be worth the wait she since she is an amazing artist, so it will differently be worth the wait so please be patient 🙂 -Katsumi xox
Purchase the manga here : Amazon.co.jp


– Please wait 48hrs before uploading to manga site, in case of mistakes!

Special thanks to everyone who worked on this with me 🙂

Translations  @fatedfujoshisblog
English Proof Read by @lustfulcat
Cleanning by Yoru @sentimientoyaoi
Typesetting by Yostina@evaproduction
Quality Check by Nini Niji @nijiniji-nikubou-scans
& Nagareboshi  @crappy-bl-scanlations


21 thoughts on “½ Cigarette By Kayama Aori Chapter 3 Download

  1. Gaaaaaah ~!!! I’m glad this got the update — ch.2-3 so fast, but what got me real excited was Rouge et le Noir ! ! ! Ehehe~ XD Thank you so much for your hard work.


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  3. Thanks for all the hard work. Really looking forward to Roger et le Noir! On a side note, I’m wondering if you guys have the opportunity to work on Katsura-sensei’s Hana to Junketsu extra from Canna vol 50? It’s called Good Morning, Mr Vampire! and it’s very very short as far as I know. I hven’t seen the full thing but hoping someone might have it…


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