вℓυє ѕку ςσмρℓєאָ ∂яαмα ς∂ тяαςк 3


C6z1Hj5U8AAJIb5.jpgвℓυє ѕку ςσмρℓєאָ by ιςнιкαωα кєι

Cast: Narasaki Motochika (Satou Takuya) & Terashima Natsuki (Eguchi TakuyaVideo by: Dora Fujoshi ♥Scans by: Nyxilicious Scans ♦Translations by: Nagareboshi 

♠Watch here: вℓυє ѕку ςσмρℓєאָ тяαςк 3 

Yo! Dora’s back with blue sky complex XD I’ll post each chapter every week so stay tune 😀 I was supposed to post CD 1 in one go but unfortunately luck wasn’t with me -_- (u’ll know if you’ve read Katsumi~san’s previous post :3)

It’s a slow-paced manga but you’ll love how the main charas find themselves in love. I want to show everyone what’s in  CD2 so I’ll be patient and finish CD1 XD (I cant get enough of Satou~sans voice especially when doing that lmao XD) Well, so much for that. ENJOY ^_^

008 - 17


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