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мιnorι no тe (Comic Theater Renta!)
By Scarlet Beriko / Yondaime
Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (Spin-Off)
♬ Cast: Isamu Kuroi x Honma Kanai,
Satou Takuya & Matsuoka Yoshistugu

Hey everyone, it’s Anne here. Never did I expect to be able to help out, but finally I’ve made myself useful ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ We have a very nice surprise for you lined up. So let’s keep this a Fated Fujoshis secret, shall we (~‾▿‾)~ I’ve had a lot of fun working on this, so I hope you all enjoy this to the fullest.  Be sure to support the artist by buying the original works, like we have done. – Anne xox
Watch Video Playlist Here ( Part 01 to 02 )

1.pngKatsumi here ♡  hijacking this post ♡ I just want to let you guys know in terms of release for this summer we are working on multiple projects at once in the hopes to finish the ongoing and future list. Also I have a few girls who join us in the hopes we can release faster, sorry if the wait time is long  ♡ Summer is calling us too  ♡ I hope you guys enjoy this update meanwhile  ♡ *** We are looking for a cleaner with experience with layers, and redrawing/cloning for BLCDs not manga! ♡


From Fujoshi Bitches:

The famously beautiful physical therapist Shigefuji Minori’s often has all kinds of customers, from the mafias to celebrities visit. Those who receive treatment from him can relax not only their bodies but also their hearts and their “lower-halves” so they can return to their work after that.

Even with his cool and a bit S character, Minori-sensei still looks charmingly attractive. But on rainy days he often remembers the muddy ground and that guy’s face which makes his chest tighten whenever he thinks about it and…



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