Itadakimasu Manga + BLCD Track 02


Yo Minna! Yuu-chan desu~
Yosh, the noob is here with the first ever entry to the blog. I am YuuNami, extremely obsessed with blcds. I love the voice of Kamiya as uke  ̄ω ̄. Takarai Rihito, Tanaka and Harada sensei’s works are my lifeline. Impressed by Fatedfujoshis amazing effort on BLCDs I decided to work for them and I really enjoyed these past four months, every day was something new. BLCD were always my love, but I never knew it was so hard to make one. These days I am working on Choco Strawberry Vanilla and helping out with ongoing projects.


✰Itadakimasu, gochisousama By Kurahashi Tomo ♫BLCD Cast : Atsushi Tamaru x Toshiki Masuda & Nobunaga Shimazaki x Yusuke Kobayashi /



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