Broken Links Caused by Assholes


Hey Dawn Fujoshi here. I know I’ve been MIA for fucking ever but with working full time and going back to school I just can’t find the time but I will…..eventually lol.

So some dick decided to flag several of our videos as inappropriate. Of course they’re inappropriate its’s delicious fucking yaoi!!!! So if you come across a link with missing videos this is the reason why. Fucking bitches!!! So this weekend I will spend the only free time I have re-rendering and uploading the missing videos. Please be patient with me.


Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko Manga + BLCD Track 01


Noko 7

Hi! Fujos, long waited Uncencored+ Hardcore series is here to make you live on your IVs. I died many times while making this masterpiece. Hope you guys love it too. I guess most of you were waiting for Itadakimasu, don’t worry it will soon be out. Right now enjoy this sexy piece. I got nothing else to say let the picture talks!

ending credits 2.png

Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko By Zariya Ranmaru
♫BLCD Cast : Satou Takuya and Tarusuke Shingaki