Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko Manga + BLCD Track 02

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Hey! Been awhile, actually long time it is, you guys must be thinking what the heck is wrong? The Youtube can’t take Jude’s sexiness, the track got deleted after I upload it. Since then I have been finding alternatives, but sadly every site was the same. I re-render and re-upload it to a new channel hope it survives for a day or so. I’ll be sharing the video file on mega.

Anyway, if anyone of you wants to help me out in making these jewels, I’ll welcome your help.

Mega Link: Noko Track 2

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Nemuri Otoko to Koi Otoko By Zariya Ranmaru
♫BLCD Cast : Satou Takuya and Tarusuke Shingaki