Yuri on Ice Dj – Sake wa nonde mo, Nomareruna

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Yuri on Ice Dj –
Sake wa nonde mo, Nomareruna
Even if you drink, don’t get swallowed up
Artist: 16row / pixiv ID 60212317
Joint Sentimiento Project
Download Here

Hey its Anne here, for the very first time with something else than a seiyuu post. This time I decided to burden the team (lol) with my new obsession, Yuri on Ice. I’m seriously having YoI withdrawals and when I had the chance to buy this dj, I took the opportunity. The team has worked really hard on this and I’m so happy they wanted to do it. I also suck at writing summaries so without further ado lmao, have fun reading it!! – Anne Fujoshi xox

Credits for the scans: / Translations Nagareboshi  @crappy-bl-scanlations/ Eng proofreading Lustfulcat @lustfulcat / Quality Check Nini niji @nijiniji-nikubou-scans / Scans Anne Fujoshi @anime-addict-esilenna / Cleaning Yoru @sentimientoyaoi / Typesetting HellRen @blackdaggersisterhood / Editor Katsumi Fujoshi @fatedfujoshisblog / Joint Project with Sentimiento Yaoi /

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