Brother Shuffle! Author: Mishima Kazuhiko

♫ Cast: Hatano Wataru,Terashima Takuma, Shimono Hiro, and Matsuoka Yoshitsugu!

Summary :[Paradise Love Scanlations]
Although they’re brothers.Their appearance, personality are completely the contrary!! Suddenly one day, these two completely different brothers switched souls!?After possessing his cute, girly little brother’s body, the hard days of the tough big brother begins. ( Also The special Cd extra tracks is also included even though no manga and translations have been printed yet.)

📺 Watch Here. Videos Created By Katsumi Fujoshi

⚠ Thanks for watching our video. We ask that you please do not share or upload them. When you like or share or upload, our videos become public on YouTube and become sitting ducks for copyright notices or flagging. Ignoring this, your negligence may cause the site to shut down for good! One video can take hours to make and we really don’t want to be shut down. If yaoi or homosexuality isn’t your thing we understand and ask that you please not report our videos. We makes these videos because we’re huge fujoshis and love yaoi. Copyright infringement is not intended and viewer discretion is advised.



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