мσυѕσυ єℓєктєℓ

gelektel_delusion_ch007_pg000f.jpgELEKTEL DELUSION VOL 2-3-4(Volume 4 is*New*)
By Nekota Yonezou

♫ Cast: Yasumoto Hiroki (lead, Fumihiro),Maeno Tomoaki (lead, Shunpei), Kaiji Yuuki.

Summary: Shunpei and Fumi are best friends and neighbours. One day, Fumi tells Shunpei he might be gay and has agreed to go out with another guy in school. Shocked at this sudden confession (but very accepting), Shunpei questions Fumi about all sorts of things regarding his newly-discovered homosexuality – subtly aware that he’s disappointed that Fumi picked someone else over him – and, upon meeting the boyfriend, cannot take that Fumi chose someone who was more or less normal… like Shunpei!


📺 Watch Here. Videos Created By Katsumi Fujoshi (CD 2), Dawn Fujoshi (CD 3)and Haru Fujoshi (CD 4) (SweetYaoiObsession).MOUSOU ELEKTEL

♡  If you missed out on CD 1 you can watch it here By Cherry Otaku. Watch Here. 

shunpei_y_fumi_chibi_render_by_konekochibii_chan-d7z2n2r.png⚠ Thanks for watching our video. We ask that you please do not share or upload them. When you like or share or upload, our videos become public on YouTube and become sitting ducks for copyright notices or flagging. Ignoring this, your negligence may cause the site to shut down for good! One video can take hours to make and we really don’t want to be shut down. If yaoi or homosexuality isn’t your thing we understand and ask that you please not report our videos. We makes these videos because we’re huge fujoshis and love yaoi. Copyright infringement is not intended and viewer discretion is advised.



art credit ©fanychancosplay


8 thoughts on “мσυѕσυ єℓєктєℓ

  1. So I clicked on CD 1 and everything was fine. . . Until I got to the 5th video on the playlist, which happens to be my favorite video, and the video was deleted. I have looked everywhere, and I found nothing. To ask if you will redo that video is much, but is there anyway it will be available in the future???

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    • I know….since it wasn’t our playlist to begin with…I have no idea why we decided not to do CD1 probably since we didn’t want to remake one that was already made….Ill see what i can do with my personal collection and add it for future viewing!

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  2. I was watching CD 1, too, and saw that part 5 was missing like Blue said above. I sent a message to C.O. there about it, but don’t know if they are still active. I searched for their group, but all the blogs that I found that might be them are long since abandoned–no posts for months or years. Do you know where or how we can send a message to them about this missing part? Thanks so much!

    I wonder if they are disbanded or inactive, would you consider doing CD1 or at least the missing part? Thanks again for your time and help. I just love your work and am so grateful for your group! *hugs*


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