Fated Fujoshis Team & Tomodachis


✯Fated Fujoshis Team and Tomodachis✯

➭ BLCD Editors ♫

  • Dawn Fujoshi / Co-Founder /  @fatedfujoshisblog
  • Katsumi Fujoshi / Website Admin. / Co-founder / -MIA-
  • Haru Fujoshi / @SweetYaoiobsession /
  • Dora Fujoshi / marimoloveslegs /
  • Sailor Megumi
  • Chika
  • Krystal
  • Yuu Fujoshi
  • Skye Fujoshi-AMVS & General help. -MIA-
  • Miky Fujoshi -MIA-
  • Cookie Fujo -MIA-

➭ BLCD + SCANS Translators

  • Nagareboshi / @crappy-bl-scanlations / BLCD Translations /
  • Mika Fujoshi / @mikachan2005/ -MIA-
  • Tiff Fujoshi /@Sakurayuki523@Tumblr. / -MIA-
  • Vicky Fujoshi -MIA-

➭ English Proofreader

➭Scan Typesetters 

➭Scan Cleaners

➭ Joint Scan Group Projects 

➭ BLCD reviewer & seiyuu writer/author (+ FB WALL)

  • Skuj Fujoshi BLCD reviewer & seiyuu writer/author
  • Mel Fujoshi- Facebook PR & Seiyuu Cast & Drama CD Updates.

➭ Facebook / Tumblr PR / Team Assistant (+ FB WALL)


Credit to artist @sunii001


38 thoughts on “Fated Fujoshis Team & Tomodachis

  1. Aaaah I am oh so very happy that you re-instated website. I feel like a piece of me is missing. Don’t know if its a stupid question but will you have the link to the worldwide collection again???


    • Ty for your support. And no …the web collection will not be available because apparently not everyone likes to share their work and we understand that. If ever you are looking for a specific blcd let me Ill see what I can do 🙂 -Katsumi


  2. Hi. First I want to say thanks! I recently found you guys and when the site closed I was truly depressed. But you came back strong!

    Quick question, do you have any plans to upload thr series Darling? I’ve searched DM and YouTube but can’t find the completed CD. I’m addicted and want to finish it… So far only up to chapter 4 :(.

    Keep it up!


  3. I was wondering if you guys would be able to put Love Stage and Back Stage on your list unless they don’t have drama CD’s. I have no idea but I hope you guys will consider. Thank you anyways 😀 ❤

    Liked by 1 person

    • We did consider it, they do have cds, but because the manga is licensed, the scanlations are dropped. Plus it would be a repeat of the anime, we could do what would of been the second season but the manga is incomplete online…I am sorry but that project will be a no go….


  4. Hi! Thanks for all your hard work.
    I recently saw you guys finished the Given Vol. 1 series Drama CD/Manga. Thanks for finishing my favourite series!
    I was just wondering if you guys are already working on GIven Vol. 2 (the drama CD or manga, or both)? I have the Given Vol. 2 raw manga and was thinking I could help contribute it if you guys don’t already have it!

    Again, thanks for everything! 🙂


  5. Hi FF team! Thanks for all the hard work. Especially on my favourite series Given!
    I was wondering if you have plans to start/already started translations or Drama CD work on Given Vol. 2?
    If you don’t already have it, could i help contribute because I have volume 2 of the series so you guys could translate it?

    Thanks again! 🙂


  6. Hello, admin! Do u feel like using Telegram app?
    I’m sorry, i know it’s out ouf topic but i really love ur site and i wanted to download every single drama cd here XD
    if u have any channel in Telegram please let me know!^^ u can make a channel that share every drama cd here if u’d like to and u can keep the media forever! I hate when my phone is running out of space disk so i had to delete my lovely nsfw drama cd T_T but i find in Telegram u can keep every media forever so i upload my lovely nsfw there. I just need to redownload it if i erase them in my phone.
    I’ve been searching everywhere for japanese drama cd in Telegram channel but i find nothing. It’d be great if u’re the first! Please notice us if u make one some day! Thanks


      • Oh it’s a messenger app. https://telegram.org/ ←in case u want to know. I love its feature. U can make channel that shares anything. I follow some channel that shares movies there. It’s really convenience because the media stays there forever; unless u delete it of course.

        It’s different with channel in Youtube. It’s more like official account that lets people follow u like u ussually find in Line app. Oh idk how to explain this ><


  7. In sum, it’s a messenger app that allows u to share big files (upload up to 1.5gb per file) and u can keep the file forever so if u’re having problem with hosting or whatsoever, u can keep the file there. I really hate it when i’m about to download that lovely nsfw but the file is no longer exist because the admin delete it because of hosting problem.

    So please please please make a channel in Telegram~ i want to keep those lovely nsfw forever from ur site i would beg for my entire life if u want me to ajahaha

    Oh and i’m sorry for talking to much ><


    • hmmm, sounds to complicated and I have no time, I really recommend you download grabclip and download our videos, wouldnt it be much simpler? Anyways if we do get our Youtube shut down one more time, we will offer the video download link in a zip in the future, seems rerendering videos is a pain in the ass lol!!!


      • Ikr? (╥_╥)
        Well zip is cool too! U can share it in Telegram XD i guess i’ll just have to upload them myself. And thx for reply me, anw! I love ur works, guys! Keep up! I’ll be ur loyal customer \(≧▽≦)/


  8. Hi firstly I love ans appreciate you wok. Do you know around when Escape journey CD will come out but please take your time if you dont know yet


    • Its actually almost done, I love cropping and setting up the images…syncing though takes long with ADD lol. I promise thats the only blcd on my plate after our valentines day special ill resume on it then, I promise! -Katsumi


  9. Hii, im so happy finaly i find youall blog :* can i req some manga yaoi? That’s hitorijime my hero. Yes, i wish you can accept my req.


    Liked by 1 person

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