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Gosan no Heart presents & Owaranai Fukou ni Tsuite no Hanashi By Ogawa Chise Double feature (Both couple mix universe) BLCD Complete Playlist

7 - Copy - Copy

Gosan no Heart  & Owaranai Fukou ni Tsuite no Hanashi By Ogawa Chise Double feature (Both couple mix universe) BLCD Complete Playlist
♬ Cast: Ryuta Udou x Toshihisa Miki(Wataru Hatano x Yoshitsugu Matsuoka)
Takayuki Udou x Seiji Kiyotake(Kazuyuki Okitsu x Tasuruke Shingaki)
Videos made by Katsumi Fujosh & Translations by Nagareboshi
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c01Gosan no heart
Summary : “Why don’t you date me?” And that’s how Miki started going out with Udou, from next door’s classroom, who was fighting with his ex-girlfriend. It was because of a whim, just a “game”. But being with Udou, he started getting comfortable? During the sex, Udou took control of him with tricks, making him tremble in pleasure. Tender caresses, sweet passion? What happened to my body? Damn, I’m not like this. A traditional boyfriend, and a boy who likes to flirt. A story of pure and immoral love between high school students.

artworks-000108067440-xomb6q-t500x500 - Copy

MED-CD2-21058Owaranai Fukou ni Tsuite no Hanashi
Summary : This is the story of Udou’s brother, Takayuki from “Gosan no Heart”. One day, at the party Takayuki attends, he meets Kiyotake – his old classmate from high school 8 years ago. Kiyotake’s girlfriend in highschool was stolen by Takayuki. What will happen when the two meet? What will happen when one of them is drunk? Will Takayuki painful feelings of unrequited love come to an end or will there be a happy ending? ( The first Half is on Gosan No hearts’ CD, starting from Track 6.)

Cast :174.png

Scans By Crownprincetranslations & Sentimiento Yaoi

& Closetspace & tsundeholic & mgqrscans

Thanks for watching our video. We ask that you please do not share or upload them. (download them and re-render them if you MUST use them) If Yaoi or homosexuality isn’t your thing we understand and ask that you please not report our videos. Copyright infringement is not intended and viewer discretion is advised.

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Caste Haven- Ogawa Chise / ♫BLCD Cast : Ono Yuuki (Karino) x Uchida Yuuma (Azusa) & Satou Takuya (Kuze) x Murase Ayumu (Atsumu)Videos By Dora Fujoshi & Freestyle Translations By Nigareboshi Nagareboshi

ffff_waifu2x_art_noise3_scale - Copy (2).png

📺 kono ore ga omae nanka suki na wakenai
By Ogawa Chise Manga + BLCD
♬ Cast: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu x Satou Takuya
Videos Made Katsumi Fujoshi
Freestyle Translation By Nagareboshi


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