✮Join Us✮

 06bbftm1_400x400.jpg(☆▽☆) Today is your lucky day if you are interested in JOINING US. We are currently looking for someone to make blcds with us! Have no experience? No problem! We will teach you how to make the same videos we do by using programs you already own! Anyone with basic computer skills can manage we promise. We will give you your own space to blog and all we ask from you is your 100% dedication to our team since we firmly believe in team work. By being one of us you are an individual blogging but all blcd contribution belong to the website unless discussed otherwise. Want to be fated? Then contact us. (Must have little knowledge of some Japanese words)

We are currently looking for Anyone that can redraw for our BLCDs, sometimes its to make it fit the freestyle of the CD or to keep the scan ratio we need for our videos. Here is an example :


FUJOSHIFated Fujoshis is also looking for :

♬ BLCD Makers.

✯Japanese Translators.

 ✯Anyone with html skills for our website.

✯Anyone who can color manga pages or redraw/ de -censore for our Manga Scan Group

Join Us here!

Join Us, we don’t bite unless you want us to 💋


The more the merrier!


18 thoughts on “✮Join Us✮

  1. Hi! I’m wondering if you still have the Saezuru BLCD videos posted somewhere? The link on the fatedfujoshi blog seems to lead to the YouTube playlist that’s been taken down, unfortunately. If you still have it posted on some other corner of the internet/outside YouTube, would you possibly mind sending the link to my e-mail? Thank you so much! ❤

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  2. can you please please please make video from madarame hiro sensei?
    his work is amazing like kawaii akuma.. etc
    also if i wanna join but i also have to study can i join? i know a few basic japenese but i can’t read furigana or kanji because most word i learn from anime and i also have laptop and drawing tab, i have drawing skill for beginer, also photoshop, coreldraw, medibang, recently i learn adobe premiere and i am not expert of anything but i really want to learn how you guys make video.
    thank you


  3. I was wondering what program you use to make the videos? I wanted to try make some on my own too but don’t know if I can dedicate enough time so I just wanted to try test it out on my own first. If you could let me know I’d really appreciate it.


    • Any video program will work, think of it as one big power point with sound. Filmora, windows movie maker, sony vegas pro…But yes If you do choose to learn more we can deff help, you must gotta give us your SOUL moohahahah – Katsumi xox


  4. I recommend you to add video in this website then you can add video on YouTube. Because if it was taken down then we can instead watch on this blog! I want to tell you anyway. This is good one blog. I wish it would add list of name (title) or can with year of name (title). It will be easy to find one!

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  5. I would love to join, because I’m also looking for a new hobby. But it doesn’t seem like I’d be of any use to you. But thank you for giving us the oppurtunity^^ Keep up the good work, I’m always stoked when I see an update^^


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