Dropped Projects

💔 Dropped Projects (May be picked up again in the future) 💔


Hang Out Crisis / Owal Uncensored / ♬Cast: Taniyama Kishou , Furukawa Makoto, Nishiyama Koutarou. /Video Made By Katsumi Fujoshi & Freestyle Translations By Nagareboshi / Scans By Nijiniji Nikubou Scans (*On Hold until further chapters*)


Warudakumi ni mo Hana wa Furu (Sequel to Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou, Koi Made Hyakurin Spin Off) / Amagakure Gido / ♫ Cast: Hatano Wataru × Yusa Kouji / Haru Fujoshi (SweetYaoiObsession) / Scans By GGscans /  Waiting on further chapters, VOL 1 is complete if you want to watch more!


♫ Cast: Junji Majima x Yoshihisa Kawahara
(First couple, 2 vids)

IMG (1).jpg

♫ Cast: Morikawa Toshiyuki × Terashima Takuma, Hatano Wataru and Suzuki Tatsuhisa
Hatano Wataru and Suzuki Tatsuhisa.
(Part 1 only)


📺 Toshishita Kareshi no Renai Kanri Kuse
By Sakurabi Hashigo (4 videos)
Cast : Maeno tomoaki, Hirakawa Daisuke,
Morikawa Toshiyuki & Majimi Junji


📺 Mauri to Ryuu By Moto Haruhira
♫ Cast: Yusa Kouji, Toyonaga Toshiyuki,
Shingaki Tarusuke, Hino Satoshi, Hanae Natsuki. (Prologue Only) * Will be picked up again in the future!! * 17-01.03 K-


📺 NANI KA II NO MITSUKETA!! / Hinako / ♫ Cast: Okitsu Kazuyuki × Hanae Natsuki /  (Track 1 Only)

artworks-000108067440-xomb6q-t500x500 - Copy ♫ Completed Projects
☆Ongoing Projects☆
✯Future Projects✯
★Dropped Projects★


7 thoughts on “Dropped Projects

  1. Will you be finishing the dropped ones or are they just completely stopped. I really enjoyed these ones and would love to finish them please let me know.


    • Well its not really dropped, its just that the site is still new and we have so many projects we want to do and so we are focusing on those ones for now, plus we all have busy work~school schedules thats sometimes its hard to stay motivated on one specif cd, I have a good feeling they will be picked up again, if another person choose to make them we have no objections either, so we will see when dead times come! – And koisuru intelligence, i tried taking over for dawn, but holy shit does that manga have a lot of text and reading, and we get all lost in translations, too difficult * head bangs on desk lol* Some projects we do it feels like its a difficulty setting like on a gaming mode lol….that blcd was on “veteran: mode lol ( call of duty ref. ) ill stick to my “normal” setting lol and we are too anal “scuse the pun ” lol to just like blindly transition pages…Plus we changed our ways of video editing which takes longer….Meh well see…join us and help us and share the workload 😛


      • Thank you I hope that you will soon be able too do it you have done so well with the rest you can do it I believe in you.


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