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 Ongoing Manga List :


Ai ni Chimayoe By Hidou Tei
Download Chapter 1


Itou-san Part 1 Download
By Kuraka Sui / Joint Project with /
Justpeachyicedtea / Setimiento Yaoi/
The Anon?


Mr.Gossip By Komachi Katsura
(Ongoing In Qpa Magazine)
Chapter 1 Download
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project
Translation: Fated Fujoshis
Scans: The Anon?
JAP proofreading : Nagareboshi
Eng proofreading: Phocupcake
cleaning: Yoru
typesetting: Katsumi Fujoshi
Qcing: Nini Niji & Nikah


1/2 Cigarette By Kayama Aori
Chapter 1 Download
Chapter 2 Download
Scans by Unknown but thank you ❤
Translations Fated Fujoshis
English Proof Read by Phocupcake
Cleanning by Yoru/Sentimiento Yaoi
Typesetting by Katsumi Fujoshi
Quality Check by Nini Niji


Hang Out Crisis Uncensored[ENG] Owal (Ongoing)
Chapter 1 Dw
Chapter 2 Dw
Translations Sponsored By Fated Fujoshis
Proofreading NQS
Cleaning Lia / Aka-Chan / Yoru
Typesetting Nini Niji
Sponsored Project with


Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo ( Volume 14)
Mei Sakuraga (Ongoing)
Chapter 1 DW
Chapter 2 DW
Translator : Sakurayuki523 & IDGAF
Scans : Sakurayuki523
Cleaner : anonymous & Katsumi Fujoshi
Typesetter : Katsumi Fujoshi
Joint project with

 Completed Manga List :


ROUGE By Katsura Komachi 
 Download Complete Volume 
Translations: Fated Fujoshis
Japanese Proofreading: Nagareboshi
English Proofreading: Phocupcake
Scans: The Anon? Cleaning: Yoru
Typesetting: Katsumi Fujoshi / Fantaisy Quality Check : Nini Niji & Dawn Fujoshi
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project
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Otokonoko no Koto wa Nani mo Shiranai
(I Have No Idea About Boys) Complete DW