Dōjinshis / One shots


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Complete Dōjinshis / Oneshot List :


Rouge Extra + High Score Night!! Dj
Katsura Komachi
Download / Extra 01 / Extra 02
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi


Yuri on Ice Dj [Uncensored]
Tittle : Take Me Now!
Pairing: Viktor x Yuuri x Yuri
Circle/ artist: koritz (Hasuyaamada Ren)
Joint Sentimiento Project
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Yuri on Ice Dj –
Sake wa nonde mo, Nomareruna
Even if you drink, don’t get swallowed up
Artist: 16row / pixiv ID 60212317
Joint Sentimiento Project
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Kuroko no Basuke dj
Ginsekai no mekurumeku haru
Pairing: Atsushi x Himuro 
The Dazzling Spring of the Silver World
Artist: トメコ | pixiv ID- 742518
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<[Rosy/ hA_Ru]-89.2℃ Oneshot DJ
Pairing: Hijikata x Okita
Translations Sponsored By Fated Fujoshis
Japanese Proofread Nagarboshi
English Proofread Phocupcake
Typesetting Katsumi Fujoshi
Cleaning Yoru/Nikah
Quality Check Nini Niji
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi for spanish version


Gintama dj Uncensored
Pairing Hajikata x Gintama
Translations Sponsored By Fated Fujoshis
Proofreading NQS
Cleaning Whitelies fansub
Typesetting Nini Niji
Sponsored Project
For Nijiniji Nikubou Scans