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tumblr_nolsbdEqyu1r280lko1_1280.png YONEDA KOU PRESENTS SEAZARU TORI WA HABATAKAI Vol 1-3
CD 4 Is Now Ongoing *** This page will be updated upon completion 🙂

This includes also both prequels “Don’t Stay Gold” & “Tadayoedo shizumazu”


Watch BLCD + Manga Here (Chapters 00-17 are available as of today)

Videos Created By Dawn & Katsumi Fujoshi. Translations by Mikachan2005.tumblr.
Cast: Shingaki Tarusuke as Yashiro, Hatano Wataru as Doumeki Chikara, Yasumoto Hiroki as Kageyama, Ono Yuuki as Kuga, Ookawa Toru as Mizuumi, Miyake Kenta as Ryuuzaki, Takase Akimizu as Hirata, Okitzu Katsuyuki as Nanahara.

yonedakou2Tadayoedo shizumazu. Summary : Yashiro, a masochist with slightly sadistic tendencies who gets off more with guys. Otherwise he’s your average high school student. Recently though, there’s been this annoying classmate Kageyama who seems to think its his duty to supply Yashiro with band aids for the results of his sexual exploits; through various events they get closer and soon Yashiro develops more than normal feelings for Kageyama but will he experience his springtime of love or remain drowning in unrequitted affection? A yaoi love story with a twist.Prequel to ” Don´t Stay Gold”.

Dont stay gold

Don’t Stay Gold. Summary : A Yakuza boss really wants this “Mad Dog” fighter he found to work for him, but the “Mad Dog” isn’t too keen on the idea, even though he owes a debt. After being injured and refusing to go with the boss, the “Mad Dog” winds up staying with the doctor for a few days. Will the “Mad Dog” give in to the boss to pay off his debt?

Saezuru 1

Saezuru Tori wa Habatakanai (Main story). Summary : The masochistic, lewd and beautiful yakuza Yashiro and his silent, clumsy, impotent subordinate, Doumeki. This is the story of a man who has never known happiness and of a man who is reborn by getting to know him.

Editor’s Note: All chapters from CD 3 have been corrected & updatedon the videos. We also have Doumeki goes to the sauna’s cd extra with translations!

Thanks for watching our video. We ask that you please do not share or upload them. When you like or share or upload, our videos become public on YouTube and become sitting ducks for copyright notices or flagging. Ignoring this, your negligence may cause the site to shut down for good! One video can take hours to make and we really don’t want to be shut down. If yaoi or homosexuality isn’t your thing we understand and ask that you please not report our videos. We makes these videos because we’re huge fujoshis and love yaoi. Copyright infringement is not intended and viewer discretion is advised.



38 thoughts on “ѕαєzυяυ тσяι ωα нαвαтαкαηαι

  1. Thank you for all of the hours you must have put into making these videos! So much of your time and personal sacrifice! I am ever so grateful! I watched all of the ones you put together so far and was so amazed and impressed. Again thank you so much for sharing these with us! Truly, these are a treasure, a precious treasure. I hope you will continue to make more as more become available. *hugs*


  2. Hi! I’m wondering if you have all the videos for Saezuru still up somewhere? If so would you mind sending me the links through e-mail? The link posted here seems to lead to the YouTube playlist that’s been taken down, unfortunately! 😦


  3. Hi! I’m wondering if you still have the Saezuru BLCD videos posted somewhere? The link on the fatedfujoshi blog seems to lead to the YouTube playlist that’s been taken down, unfortunately. If you still have it posted on some other corner of the internet/outside YouTube, would you possibly mind sending the link to my e-mail? Thank you so much! ❤


  4. Theyre not working…..i dunno if its just cuz im on mobile.. but the videos are not working ; A; please fix…thank you very much….


  5. Thank you for your hard work. This is the best thing ever (and I think if they make another for volume 4, my heart will melt for good… i hope that mangaka will finish the series (she doesn’t beed to hurry :D), and drama cds will cover all of the story… my little shameless dreams

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Omg Thank you Thank you Thank you so so so so so freaking much for these!!!!!! This series is by far my favorite manga series and getting to watch these videos I just….. So much yay!

    Looking forward to more! Cannot wait for chapters 24-25 to get a drama cd version! I will die a happy person!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Thank you very much for putting all your time into compiling and editing these; I can only imagine how many hours you all have put into this project! The effort, hard work, and attention to detail really shines through the quality of the videos. I have shared with several friends and we agree that you all have done a phenomenal job. Thank you so much for sharing! /(^w^)/

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