½ Cigarette By Kayama Aori Chapter 3 Download

***Gomenasai***Hey Guys, Chapter 3 is now available from ½ Cigarette By Kayama Aori. ^^ So sorry it took forever, we were on a Katsura Komachi binge for a while lol, then YOI and Knb djs appeared and we just couldn’t help it lol. Speaking which we finally got our hands on the scans for Rouge et le Noir by Katsura!!  Yoru @sentimientoyaoi is recoloring the first color pages and it will be worth the wait she since she is an amazing artist, so it will differently be worth the wait so please be patient 🙂 -Katsumi xox
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Special thanks to everyone who worked on this with me 🙂

Translations  @fatedfujoshisblog
English Proof Read by @lustfulcat
Cleanning by Yoru @sentimientoyaoi
Typesetting by Yostina@evaproduction
Quality Check by Nini Niji @nijiniji-nikubou-scans
& Nagareboshi  @crappy-bl-scanlations

ROUGE / Katsura Komachi / Chapter 6


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 / Download Here / By Fated Fujoshis & Sentimiento Yaoi /

Happy New year 2017, Everyone! We have the final chapter of Rouge, Chapter 6 – Available down below!!  And to start the new year, scans for Rouge et le Noir have been ordered and are coming! ( (Officially, we had a screw up and now, without delay, we are good and they’re on their way!!!) We will also see the first pairing Nagato x Ai really soon, as we also ordered special extras of them too, so its not over yet!!! – Katsumi xox


ROUGE By Katsura Komachi / Chapter 6 DW / Complete DW
Credits / Translations: Fated Fujoshis / J-Proofreading: Nagareboshi @crappy-bl-scanlations / Eng-Proofreading: Phocupcake / Scans: The Anon? / Cleaning: Yoru @sentimientoyaoi / Typesetting: / Fantaisy  / Quality Check :Katsumi & Dawn Fujoshi / Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project


Rouge Et le Noir By Katsura Komachi

[Coconoe Ricoco] Furueru mune no (uncensored) OneShot- Now Available!


[Coconoe Ricoco] Furueru mune no (uncensored) OneShot – Download Here!

Hey guys, long time no see!!! I have a new super sexy  *uncensored* One Shot by Coconoe Ricoco named Furueru mune no – ( A Story about a trembling chest, My seniors aroused nipples!) I am so happy to be able to release it now, considering everyone’s part on this project and everyone being busy on other projects and real life,  including me…I sneaked on the computer a few times to complete this when I could, considering  the boyfriend has me in check with spending to much time on the computer lol I had hope I wasn’t going to get caught lol. To my girls, again thank you so much for all your help!

FYI We did get the scans from yesnotalgiagoogles @yesnostalgiagoogles, and yes we did ask permission back in July but still had no response and took for grated that the raws were available were available for download! – Thank you if you read this!!


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уαяιςнιи вιтςн ςℓυв ∂яαмα ς∂ тяαςк 5-7


уαяιςнιи ☆ вιтςн ςℓυв by σgєяєтѕυ тαиαкα

Hello minna~san!

I just joined recently, I’m Dora Fujoshi. And yes, I’m new here! I LOVE Tanaka~sensei’s works so I continued working on уαяιςнιи tracks 5-7 to share the whole drama cd ^^  Katsumi Fujoshi made the first part.(Tracks 1-4) It’s my first time making a drama cd so nvm the noticeable errors lolol 😄 😄 I’m currently working on ςαѕтє нєανєи by σgαωα ςнιѕє. And oh, future projects?? Hhmm .. DEPENDS ON WHATS COMING 😄 So better tune in for updates!! And there will be the extra!! (the last track before we can say bye bye to bitch club until CD 2!!)

If you haven’t watched the whole series, here’s a link for the complete playlist:

Watch Here: уαяιςнιи ☆ вιтςн ςℓυв by σgєяєтѕυ тαиαкα


Videos Made by: Dora Fujoshi / Translations by: Nagareboshi / Scans by: Whitelies Fansub

½ Cigarette By Kayama Aori Chapter 2 Download

Hey Guys, new chapter release from ½ Cigarette By Kayama Aori, download link available below. I hope you guys enjoy! From our last Tumblr Post, I had listed our projects new/current list, for those interested here I posted the list below! Now I know it’s a lot of projects but different people are working on different things, so any of these have no arriving order but they are in the process of getting translated and cleaned!

051 - Copy.png

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Fated Fujoshis Upcoming (new) Mangas :

Coconoe Ricoco] Furueru mune no One Shot in Progress
[Joint Sentimiento Yaoi] @sentimientoyaoi

Haitoku BL Anthology (In progress)Written & Drawn by various artists;
Rokky / itz / yoshimoto / anmin / ko / sari / Noi tonton / Katsura Komachi
[Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project] @sentimientoyaoi

Ai ni Chimayoe! (In progress)By Hidou Tei This Also has a Drama CD!
[Joint sentimiento Yaoi Project] @sentimientoyaoi

きみのかわいいところ ( In Progress)By Mineshima Nawako
[Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project] @sentimientoyaoi ( This one has a chubby uke kawaiiii!!)

Tadoru Yubi (In Progress)By Takasaki Bosco
[Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project] @sentimientoyaoi


Mr.Gossip By Katsura Komachi Chapter 1 (Eng)


Mr.Gossip By Komachi Katsura
(Ongoing In Qpa Magazine)
Chapter 1 Download
Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project
Translation By Fated Fujoshis

The day has finally come~ I hear by present you Katsura Komachi’s ongoing manga “Mr.Gossip”, Chapter 1 available for download! I wanted to have a cross dressing yaoi manga on the blog and now we do thanks to Sentimiento Yaoi for sharing this project with us, and above all The Anon? for giving us the scans in the first place! Yoru, darling, you are AWESOME…Thank you so much for coloring the main page, you did such a wonderful job and  it was sooo worth the wait! Now we’ll just need to be patient for chapter 2 release! Enjoy-Katsumi xox

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Special thanks to; Sentimiento Yaoi ( Yoru + Nikah), Nagareboshi, Phocupcake, Nini Niji (Nijiniji Nikubou Scans), The Anon? and everyone else who participated in this scan release!




Hey Everyone! This long over due Project is finally completed, movie style! I think I spent literally 30 days since my last project on this one 24~7 excluding sleep lol. Not only was this CD long but it had 35% freestyle in which I got all translated for you guys so we could enjoy this story 100%. As I said before, this is considered a shounen-ai, BUT there is sexy audio scenes all translated as well. This manga got almost a 5 perfect rating and I did want to bring it justice just like a movie, just like the author intended. (All one track) Now, for a few of you who though it was a complicated read, or got loss, (even though the art is beautiful, Sekiya, Akiha and Kameda do look the same in black and white, except for little differences) but having the voice over the manga, will lift your confusion right away and actually be able to enjoy this AMAZING story. The video starts off introducing all 4 pairings then we move on to the story. Just Fyi, the opening is very important to the ending. If you guys want to have fun and discuss this manga, I’m all in, joining in, I would love to have your say on this story! So enjoy! [FB&MBE]Links_C6_4_P26 - Copy (2) - Copy - Copy

Ps : Throughout this month’s journey into making links, I’ve met some wonderful people who got interested into being part of this project, and helped me out a lot, and now they are new team members! We have Nagareboshi (Japanese Translator. @crappy-bl-scanlations) Vicky Fujoshi (proofreader) and my new assistant Miyake Kamikage Fujoshi to help me through various things! (And Welcome to the team Jess I cant wait to see more of your future projects!) To our beloved Followers, I really think the more the merrier for creating awesomeness…If you have special skills and want to help out email us!-We don’t bite and everyone is useful 🙂

tumblr_nwb7jhFkgZ1rc0lzwo1_500📺 BLCD & MANGA Watch Here. Links By Kizu Natsuki
♫ Cast: Shibata Ryo: Taishi Murata x Sekiya Masato: Tomoaki Maeno, Niitsu Akiha: Hirofumi Nojima x Tsubame Yahiko: Wataru Hatano, Aoi Kameda: Makoto Furukawa x Ogikawa Yuusei: Natsuki Hanae, Sado Takaaki: Tarusuke Shingaki x Shinobu Nakajou: Saito Soma & Sado’s brother: Atsushi Tamaru.
Summary: A dramatic collection of stories linking four men and their “half-baked” lovers. Follow the merry-go-around of inter-linked men and their relationships as they come full circle during Advent season. ( Read below Character Profiles)

Credits :

BLCD Editor~Creator
Katsumi Fujoshi @fatedfujoshisblog.tumblr.
Miyake Kamikage Fujoshi (Assistant)

CD Freestyle Translations
Mikachan -Japanese Translator. @mikachan2005
Nagareboshi -Japanese Translator. @crappy-bl-scanlations
Vicky Fujoshi-Japanese Translator & Proofreader.

SCAN GROUPS (English Scans)
QC Crystalynn @fujoshibitches
QC Rain @mustbeendless
Translator ~ Tyl
Proofer ~ Hoshikuzuu Alex
Editor ~ Crystalynn
Scans ~Johana~Crystalynn

Links Extra (Animate bonus paper)
luvfksy @moomowme

Character ( and pairing) Profiles

[FB&MBE]Links_C1_P03 - Copy[FB&MBE]Links_Extra_P03[FB&MBE]Links_Extra_P04[FB&MBE]Links_Extra_P05[FB&MBE]Links_Extra_P06

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