уσяυ тσ αѕα ησ υтα ву нαяα∂α BLCD + MANGA [Complete]


✰Yoru To Asa No Uta By Harada
♬Cast: Matsuoka Yoshitsugu x Satou Takuya
Videos By Haru Fujoshi (Sweetyaoiobsession)
📺 Watch Online Here

YEAAAAH finally! Hello btw lmao, well to start I must say that this manga even when it has a lot of violence the ending is pretty cute~ And also every part of the playlist is R18, wich means a lot of sex lol. So if you’re the type of fujoshi/fudanshi who can’t stand violence between the characters of the story, this manga is not for you, actually every Harada’s work is like that so, no Harada for you! lol I warned you! Anyways, I hope you enjoy it! Thanks a lot for watching our videos and support us~ LOVE YOU GUYS! see ya’ in another BLCD~ -Haru (SweetYaoiObsession)

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Watch synchronize manga + BLCD :📺 Color Recipe By Harada
♫ Cast: Uchida Yuuma (Shoukichi) , Okitsu Kazuyuki (Fukusuke).
Videos Made By Haru Fujoshi (SweetYaoiObsession)

Yeaaaaah!!! I’m back~ It’s been a really long time lol. Well, as you can see, we finally got a drama cd for color recipe!!! I really love Harada’s work, you never know what is going to happen and the perverted scenes are…god. I can’t explain myself about this manga, I would ruin the story so I’ll just leave it to you! Enjoy, thanks for watching and happy new year~ take the complete blcd as a present (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧ See you!! -Haru (SweetYaoiObession) & Thank you Janine for the CD 🙂


мσтнєя’ѕ ѕριяιт [ςσмρℓєтє∂]


📺 Mother’s Spirit By Enzou
♫ Cast: Hirofumi Nojima, Satoshi Hino, Hiroyuki Yoshino.
Video Made By Haru Fujoshi (SweetYaoiObsession)
Scans By Ikemen Scans, Yaoi Desire Revolution & Sals Scanlation

Guess who is back (again)! Another BLCD completed~ I swear, is the first time that I’ve finished a series this fast lmao. Well, whatever, as you know, Qaltaqa is a man that left Lutah (his home) to go to Japan and learn the language, that’s how he met with Ryouichirou, they end up living together and then, well…you can guess what happened lol. I know that I just did one update, but I wanted to make everything asap, so you could watch it without waiting^^

I hope that you enjoy it as I did, their relationship is really cute and also Qaltaqa is very…god. How can you resist a man like that????, I was like Ryouichirou all the time LOL


The BLCD sadly didn’t include the second extra, is really funny because they are having a wedding ceremony in Lutah and Ryo is kind of lost in his thoughts lmao, you can read it online if you want ;).

I’m not going to make videos for the time being, because I have to do a lot of stuff….but I’ll be back! promise

Thanks a lot for watching! see ya’~ -Haru

мσтнєя’ѕ ѕριяιт track 1


📺 Mother’s Spirit By Enzou
♫ Cast: Hirofumi Nojima, Satoshi Hino, Hiroyuki Yoshino.
Video Made By Haru Fujoshi (SweetYaoiObsession)
Scans By Ikemen Scans, Yaoi Desire Revolution & Sals Scanlation

*backflips* Haru is back boys and girls, and I have good news…

The first video of Mother’s Spirit is finally done! Is short but don’t worry we’re just getting started lmao. I reaaally love this manga (also the mangaka ❤ ) the art is so good and the story is both cute and interesting.

This update is just to tell you that this is real so be prepared for what is coming^^

bye bye~ -Haru

ämëïrö pärädöx BLCD + MANGA VOL 3 Complete

📺Ameiro Paradox DRAMA CD 3, By Natsume Isaku.

♫ Cast: (Kaburagi Motoharu) Maeno Tomoaki x Kondou Takashi (Onoe Satoshi)
Haru Fujoshi (SweetYaoiObsession)
Scans By GGscans

Heeeeey I’m back!!~ I know I dissapeared for a long time, but I had to take care of some boring stuff. Anyway, I came with a little update as you can see hehe…Yes, Ameiro Paradox is finished, after 3 beautiful volumes <3. Natsume Isaku did it again eh? Onoe and Kabu relationship is one more time interrupted by another person, this time: Kasai, a new worker of the magazine. At first his intentions are not very clear, but when the story keeps going…oh man. I won’t tell you more than that, if I do the video would be meaningless lol. (Btw, CD3 doesn’t have any extra 😦 )

Changing a little bit the subject, I’d like to announce my next project, well I think that you already know but whatever, in the couple of days that I’ve got free I’ll work on Mother’s Spirit by Enzou, it’s really gooooood!!! you’ll fall in love with the characters right away ^^ ❤

116Well, I think that’s it, I’ll leave this pic here, I love them so much that I could cry lol. Thank you a lot for the support! and i hope you enjoy the videos, have a nice day! ❤ ~ -Haru


мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ Track 1 + Manga

Good after noon peeps 😉 I have here the intro track of this wonderful Story named
мσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ By Aniya Yuiji. If you have not read this yet I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. Read it here. I love this story’s plot and the sexy moments are gonna make you change your panties for sure lolol. The cast is just amazing, again we have Shingaki Tarusuke voicing Fuji (who also Does Yashiro (Saezuru tori wa habatakanai), so he is my seiyuu god to me lol…. Yes I am a whore for seyuus…) and for Katou his seiyuu is Satou Takuya!

a5655dddd707dfb6c85925cf0ca7dd3cмσυ ιςнι∂σ, иαи∂σ ∂ємσ Track 1 + Manga By Aniya Yuiji
Cast: Shingaki Tarusuke × Satou Takuya
Video Made By Katsumi Fujoshi & Freestyle Translation By Nagareboshi
Scans & Translations By : Koyukiya

I was actually sitting on this BLCD because this story is ongoing, But I showed the video to  Yuki from Koyukiya (who made the scanlations) and she loved it ! I love the yaoi community …Everyone sharing and helping, feels great…*All yaoi hands on deck!* Thank you again for letting us do this project 😉

Blog Updates!!! ( DO NOT MISS OUT LOL)

Well while  I’m blogging ill take the 2 mins to update you guys on stuff. We are taking over the scanlation for Rouge by Katsura Komachi with Sentimiento Yaoi who will do the Spanish version. The project is going good and I am already half way through type setting.


Haru is back! (*Backflips*) Which means Mother Spirit will be coming soon (And Haru works fast so I am friken excited!!) And will resume finishing Ameiro Parodox CD 3, now that the scans are finished I think… (SO STAY TUNED !!)


We still need a CLEANER  for Himitsu Ja nai Kedo by Mei Sakuraga chapter 3 and so on. ( It would help A LOT and I could concentrate on more videos) So if you know ANYONE, please refer them to us so we can gobble them up or contact Tiff at Sakurayuki523.


thumnail for site

And finally Hang out crisis, WE HAVE THE BLCD, I should of bought it considering we are doing the scanlations for it with Nijiniji Nikubou Scans  and it was for that purpose to have a HOME BLCD project ( I really suck I am sorry lol )  so Ill be working on it TODAY!!!  A huge Thank you WinterD for the CD *kisses*.

Have a good Every Body! xox -Katsumi

Please read for missed updates!

  (=・ω・=)Hajimemashite Fellow Fujoshis-Fundashis!

(づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ We are back and more than better than ever-Now mobile friendly!! We would like to thank you for your love and support!! Your messages pushes us to come back faster than we imagined, so thank you for this.

We left because we needed to get some things under control and get rid of some of the trolls that were reporting our videos. Also we were hit with a huge copyright infringement from YouTube so we have decided to go a different direction and use our own drive instead. This means we have invested our own money to create a safe place for you all to watch our videos without worry of reporting and deletion.  (︶︿︶)=凸

We are really excited to come back so strong and create a true haven for you all. Please feel free to check out our new paradise and tell us what you think!! We can’t wait to create videos for you again . (▰˘◡˘▰)

ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ  Here are the updates you might of missed when we decided to shut down :
(*Everything is available in the ★ Ongoing Projects ★ and ☆ Fated Fujoshis Creations ☆ section!*)

Katsumi Fujoshi :

SEAZURUSaezuru Tori wa Habatakanai VOL 1- 3 COMPLETED By Yoneda Kou
Volume 3 (Chapter 14,15 & 16 added) Drama Cd & Manga PART 17-18-19
Cast: Shingaki Tarusuke as Yashiro, Hatano Wataru as Doumeki Chikara. (+More)

Thank you again to mikachan2005 for the translation of the freestyle in the Drama Cd. We made some good corrections on the original scans I hope you guys like it. I wanted to  mention I also that I did add what I call gold scans, which are added scenes from previous chapters because they are not included in the chapter itself but sometimes used in the cd flashback freestyles, ヾ(☆▽☆)Katsumi xox.

Haru Fujoshi: (Give this 24hrs for the upload of the last 2 tracks)

Ameiro Paradox (Vol. 3) By NATSUME ISAKU Manga & Drama CD Track 1 & 2
Cast: (Kaburagi Motoharu) Maeno Tomoaki x Onoe Satoshi (Kondou Takashi)

AMEIRO[Please read! Info. about youtube channel and videos updates]

Well well well…Hello again!! I’m very happy to be able to do this again~ I needed them in my life. Before I start talking about this, i would like to say that my Youtube account “SweetYaoiObsession” was suspended because of flagging and copyright, but don’t worry I created another account because I knew that this was going to happen lol, all of my videos are there but not publicly (guess why…) but you can see in the main channel the playlists, that way they won’t be found so easily~ Anyways, that aside, let’s talk about THIS, this video is kinda cute and problematic, why?, well cute: because they’ve been dating for a year and they’re lovely as always ❤ Aaand problematic because…..A NEW CHARACTER APPEARS! His name is Kasai. He’ll be working in the same building as our couple, but that’s not the thing here, the thing is that he is going to replace Onoe as Kabu’s partner!. How does Onoe react to this? Is Kasai up to something? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? I don’t even know tbh. lol

Sorry but the manga is still not completed, which means: is going to take some time for the videos to be completed. We have to wait for the translations, the scans, download links and of course to have time.

Thanks a lot for taking your time reading this, enjoy! -HF

Dawn Fujoshi:

Cast: Shirotani: Shinnosuke Tachibana x Kurose : Tomoaki Maeno.
I’m back with a Ten Count update.The bonus tracks that I bring you today are Kurose, Shirotani and The Cab Ride and Kurose, Shirotani and Food. There is one that I would love to make for you guys and it’s the Kurose-kun, Shirotani-san and Sitting on the Lap but I can not for the life of me find the audio track that goes with it. If I do find it I will update you guys for for now we’ll be marking Ten Cont as completed for now.