ämëïrö pärädöx BLCD + MANGA VOL 3 Complete

📺Ameiro Paradox DRAMA CD 3, By Natsume Isaku.

♫ Cast: (Kaburagi Motoharu) Maeno Tomoaki x Kondou Takashi (Onoe Satoshi)
Haru Fujoshi (SweetYaoiObsession)
Scans By GGscans

Heeeeey I’m back!!~ I know I dissapeared for a long time, but I had to take care of some boring stuff. Anyway, I came with a little update as you can see hehe…Yes, Ameiro Paradox is finished, after 3 beautiful volumes <3. Natsume Isaku did it again eh? Onoe and Kabu relationship is one more time interrupted by another person, this time: Kasai, a new worker of the magazine. At first his intentions are not very clear, but when the story keeps going…oh man. I won’t tell you more than that, if I do the video would be meaningless lol. (Btw, CD3 doesn’t have any extra 😦 )

Changing a little bit the subject, I’d like to announce my next project, well I think that you already know but whatever, in the couple of days that I’ve got free I’ll work on Mother’s Spirit by Enzou, it’s really gooooood!!! you’ll fall in love with the characters right away ^^ ❤

116Well, I think that’s it, I’ll leave this pic here, I love them so much that I could cry lol. Thank you a lot for the support! and i hope you enjoy the videos, have a nice day! ❤ ~ -Haru



Seiyuu Intro & Recommendations

Osu! Minna, Skuj Fujoshi desu. I am the newbie in the author team and will be covering the part of BLCD reviews and seiyuu blogs. Yorushiku!!!

Is there a reason why BLCDs are becoming popular among Yaoi/Shounen Ai manga readers? YES!!! Because they have some of the most popular seiyuu/voice actors as the main voice cast. Does the name Yusa Kouji, Morikawa Toshiyuki or Maeno Tomoaki ring a bell? They sure do to us at Fated Fujoshis and as Fujoshis, we will talk a lot more about the BLCD series that contains the voices of some of these awesome seiyuu. So all the newbies and the not so new Fujoshis/Fudanshi’s out there have a look at our drama cd recommendations and reviews and decide which ones you wanna watch first or second…

Before we move on to reviews, let’s get to know a little more about the “starring voice acting cast” aka seiyuu:

Yusa Kouji

Koji YusaChoosing mesmerizing and sexy voices isn’t the only criteria BLCDs are famous for. For those of you who have heard him in anime and drama CDs, you’ll find Yusa san having a soft and distinctly smooth voice. His usual anime roles are those of Bishonen or affable adult males, sometimes bordering chivalrous pervert territory^^, and recently most-known for Uke roles in BLCDs. Some of Yusa-Yusa (nicknamed by fans) roles are “Yaoi bait” or Mr. Fan service. He is most notable for his anime characters Gin Ichimaru from Bleach and Lau from Kuroshitsuji. As a Kyoto native, he tends to use that distinct accent in many of his anime and BL roles.

Fujoshi Recommendation

NEOBK-1333581Listen to Yusa san in Sakuraga Mei sensei’s Warui series as Shirahane Nanao and you’ll melt listening to his voice ;). The first two BLCDs Mujihi Na Otoko and Mujihi Na Ananta are voiced by Yusa san as Nanao. His character sounds flirtatious and shallow at first but is actually a very sensitive, caring, and emotional person. Yusa san has done a marvelous job depicting the emotional ups and downs in Nanao’s life when he struggles to hide his feelings of unrequited love. Or, if want to have a taste of twisted personality of Yusa san, then listen to Akunin wo Nakaseru Houhou where he plays Takao a sadist in love with money, more than the guy who loves him.

Maeno Tomoaki

MaenoTomoaki11The seiyuu world is full of deep and distinct voices. Distinct in the sense of voice range with no end when it comes to the adaptability of a particular character or environment/atmosphere that the manga story displays. Maeno Tomoaki is one such seiyuu who is marvelous in changing the lightness or depth in his voice range when it comes to a character. Some of his popular anime characters include Son Hak from Akatsuki no Yona, Kaidou Haru from Super Lovers, Decim from Death Parade, and Yukina Kou from Sekai Ichi Hatsukoi. Recently, he has also been seen in a lot of musical and Otome games/anime like Uta Pri no Prince Sama and he also has a superb singing voice. BLCDs is one place where Maeno san’s voice is too hot to handle (literally!!!). He sounds delicious and sensual, especially when he deepens his voice in that flirtatious manner trying to seduce the other party. Yeah…yeah got you dreaming right! But, that’s the unique part of his voice acting for you, so just pay attention to that tone and you’ll know what I am getting at 😉

Fujoshi Recommendation

ameiroIf you are in a mood to listen to romantic comedy where two people are poles apart in their attitude and character, yet have to work together, then start with Amerio Paradox by Natsume Isaku sensei. Maeno san’s voice of Kaburagi Motoharu as a cold, distant and calculating person will make you wonder “how will the romance come into play”. Enter Onoe Satoshi (voiced by Kondou Takashi san), a journalist with a strong sense of work ethics and the sparks fly off the roof. The animosity and chemistry between the two characters is just amazing and hilarious. In other words, you will laugh out and fall in love with both characters. And we have three volumes lined-up for you. Or, give a definite try to the warm, heartfelt BLCD addition of Links by Kizu Natsuki sensei, where Meano san voiced the role of Sekiya Masahito, an introvert radio personality with a suave voice >.< who normally avoids people’s company, but is unable to avoid a certain “oyaji” café manager.


You want to check out how Meano san sound acting as a sadist, then listen to Takarai Rihito sensei’s series Ten Count, where he is playing a quiet, awkward to the extent of weird counselor Kurose Riku trying to treat and seduce Mysophobic Shirotani Tadaomi (voiced by   Tachibana Shinnosuke san) ^^. And for those of you who wonder how he sounds as a Uke, listen to Mousou Elektel (having 4 volumes of the series) or Shitter yo.

Morikawa Toshiyuki

mori mori4A veteran seiyuu, but his popularity is so much that even today he bags the main anime roles. Nicknamed as Mori Mori he has quite a huge fan base too, due in part to being one of the most attractive seiyuu around. Mori san has an all-round voice range, from badass to bishonen, he does them all just fine. He also created his own voice acting school and agency in April 2011 with fellow seiyuu partner Fukuyama Jun. Coming from a sportsman background (American Football and tennis to be exact), he’s a simple-minded sweet guy from cuckoo land; a far cry from the characters he usually portrays. Takes on an average of 3 characters per anime project, O.O!

Fujoshi Recommendation

tumblr_nyc6h7aYUx1uhzq53o3_500As far as BLCD voice versatility is concerned, Mori san seems to be the most “in demand” Seme seiyuu.  If you are unfamiliar with his BL work check out another of our multiple series collections – ZE. Mori san has voiced the role of Mitou Shoui. It is a serious role, where you will hear the gruff, hard and sometimes harsh tone usage, but he has acted this complicated character and his relationship with love interest Asari, beautifully.

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ε=ε=(ノ≧∇≦)ノ  Here are the updates you might of missed when we decided to shut down :
(*Everything is available in the ★ Ongoing Projects ★ and ☆ Fated Fujoshis Creations ☆ section!*)

Katsumi Fujoshi :

SEAZURUSaezuru Tori wa Habatakanai VOL 1- 3 COMPLETED By Yoneda Kou
Volume 3 (Chapter 14,15 & 16 added) Drama Cd & Manga PART 17-18-19
Cast: Shingaki Tarusuke as Yashiro, Hatano Wataru as Doumeki Chikara. (+More)

Thank you again to mikachan2005 for the translation of the freestyle in the Drama Cd. We made some good corrections on the original scans I hope you guys like it. I wanted to  mention I also that I did add what I call gold scans, which are added scenes from previous chapters because they are not included in the chapter itself but sometimes used in the cd flashback freestyles, ヾ(☆▽☆)Katsumi xox.

Haru Fujoshi: (Give this 24hrs for the upload of the last 2 tracks)

Ameiro Paradox (Vol. 3) By NATSUME ISAKU Manga & Drama CD Track 1 & 2
Cast: (Kaburagi Motoharu) Maeno Tomoaki x Onoe Satoshi (Kondou Takashi)

AMEIRO[Please read! Info. about youtube channel and videos updates]

Well well well…Hello again!! I’m very happy to be able to do this again~ I needed them in my life. Before I start talking about this, i would like to say that my Youtube account “SweetYaoiObsession” was suspended because of flagging and copyright, but don’t worry I created another account because I knew that this was going to happen lol, all of my videos are there but not publicly (guess why…) but you can see in the main channel the playlists, that way they won’t be found so easily~ Anyways, that aside, let’s talk about THIS, this video is kinda cute and problematic, why?, well cute: because they’ve been dating for a year and they’re lovely as always ❤ Aaand problematic because…..A NEW CHARACTER APPEARS! His name is Kasai. He’ll be working in the same building as our couple, but that’s not the thing here, the thing is that he is going to replace Onoe as Kabu’s partner!. How does Onoe react to this? Is Kasai up to something? WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN? I don’t even know tbh. lol

Sorry but the manga is still not completed, which means: is going to take some time for the videos to be completed. We have to wait for the translations, the scans, download links and of course to have time.

Thanks a lot for taking your time reading this, enjoy! -HF

Dawn Fujoshi:

Cast: Shirotani: Shinnosuke Tachibana x Kurose : Tomoaki Maeno.
I’m back with a Ten Count update.The bonus tracks that I bring you today are Kurose, Shirotani and The Cab Ride and Kurose, Shirotani and Food. There is one that I would love to make for you guys and it’s the Kurose-kun, Shirotani-san and Sitting on the Lap but I can not for the life of me find the audio track that goes with it. If I do find it I will update you guys for for now we’ll be marking Ten Cont as completed for now.