MNoTe Part 05-06 (last part) Animated BLCD** Don’t miss out, now complete!!

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Konnichiwa minna, Anne here with sadly the last update of this wonderful series. I’ve had so much fun working on this project and happy that I was able to do so. This is my first project as well lol. This manga was on my to read list for a while, but the animated version is so much better (^་།^) If you thought videos 3 & 4 were good, boy are you in for a surprise now. So please enjoy the last 2 parts of Minori no Te and keep those tissues ready ( ˘ ³˘) Be sure to support the artist by buying the original works, like we have done.


мιnorι no тe (Comic Theater Renta!)
By Scarlet Beriko / Yondaime
Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (Spin-Off)
♬ Cast: Isamu Kuroi x Honma Kanai,
Satou Takuya & Matsuoka Yoshistugu


Itadakimasu Manga + BLCD Track 02


Yo Minna! Yuu-chan desu~
Yosh, the noob is here with the first ever entry to the blog. I am YuuNami, extremely obsessed with blcds. I love the voice of Kamiya as uke  ̄ω ̄. Takarai Rihito, Tanaka and Harada sensei’s works are my lifeline. Impressed by Fatedfujoshis amazing effort on BLCDs I decided to work for them and I really enjoyed these past four months, every day was something new. BLCD were always my love, but I never knew it was so hard to make one. These days I am working on Choco Strawberry Vanilla and helping out with ongoing projects.


✰Itadakimasu, gochisousama By Kurahashi Tomo ♫BLCD Cast : Atsushi Tamaru x Toshiki Masuda & Nobunaga Shimazaki x Yusuke Kobayashi /


MNoTe Part 03-04 Animated BlCD

mnt 2

мιnorι no тe (Comic Theater Renta!)
By Scarlet Beriko / Yondaime
Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (Spin-Off)
♬ Cast: Isamu Kuroi x Honma Kanai,
Satou Takuya & Matsuoka Yoshistugu

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Hiya, it’s Anne again. Today I come bringing gifts, in the form of chapters 3 and 4 of мιnorι no тe (/^▽^)/ It was very hard to focus on what I was doing with these chapters, I can tell you that. Especially chapter 4, because…oops, I’m not gonna tell. So you better watch it ( ˘ ³˘) Keep those tissues ready. Be sure to support the artist by buying the original works, like we have done.



♡ Please do not share outside
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мιnorι no тe (Comic Theater Renta!)
By Scarlet Beriko / Yondaime
Ooyamato Tatsuyuki (Spin-Off)
♬ Cast: Isamu Kuroi x Honma Kanai,
Satou Takuya & Matsuoka Yoshistugu

Hey everyone, it’s Anne here. Never did I expect to be able to help out, but finally I’ve made myself useful ヽ(*≧ω≦)ノ We have a very nice surprise for you lined up. So let’s keep this a Fated Fujoshis secret, shall we (~‾▿‾)~ I’ve had a lot of fun working on this, so I hope you all enjoy this to the fullest.  Be sure to support the artist by buying the original works, like we have done. – Anne xox
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1.pngKatsumi here ♡  hijacking this post ♡ I just want to let you guys know in terms of release for this summer we are working on multiple projects at once in the hopes to finish the ongoing and future list. Also I have a few girls who join us in the hopes we can release faster, sorry if the wait time is long  ♡ Summer is calling us too  ♡ I hope you guys enjoy this update meanwhile  ♡ *** We are looking for a cleaner with experience with layers, and redrawing/cloning for BLCDs not manga! ♡


From Fujoshi Bitches:

The famously beautiful physical therapist Shigefuji Minori’s often has all kinds of customers, from the mafias to celebrities visit. Those who receive treatment from him can relax not only their bodies but also their hearts and their “lower-halves” so they can return to their work after that.

Even with his cool and a bit S character, Minori-sensei still looks charmingly attractive. But on rainy days he often remembers the muddy ground and that guy’s face which makes his chest tighten whenever he thinks about it and…


Rouge et le Noir Ch02 / Katsura Komachi / + 2 Rouge Extras / Release / *Fixed /


Rouge & Rouge et le Noir
Katsura Komachi
Chapter 2 + 2 Extras / Joint Fated Fujoshis & Sentimiento Project :
Click which download you want here :
Full Download or / Rouge extra 01 / Rouge extra 02 / Rouge et le Noir Ch02 /

Woahhh Its finally here! Triple release day lol!! We have here the continuation of Rouge et le Noir chapter 2 (Yukio x Yamato) and 2 Extra Chapters for Rouge (Nagata x Ai) !! I don’t think we will have a volume 2 of Rouge and that might just be it…they are just extras of the couple. If anyone could confirm it, we would appreciate it. I hope you enjoy Nagato and Ai’s sexy time… Ai is like the most beautiful uke ever…thank you goddess Katsura Komachi…god I love her artstyle. *bows* Enjoy -Katsumi xox


– Please wait 48hrs before uploading to manga site, in case of mistakes!

Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project / Credits / Translations: Iced Tea @justpeachyicedtea & Nagareboshi @crappy-bl-scanlations / Eng-Proofreading: Ash @nijiniji-nikubou-scans & Lustfulcat / Scans: The Anon? & Queen Yaoi / Cleaning: Yoru @sentimientoyaoi & Dhyzre/  Typesetting:  Fantaisy & Hellren / Quality Check : Nini Niji @nijiniji-nikubou-scans , Katsumi & Nikah @sentimientoyaoi

Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo Ch03 (End) Mei Sakuraga Release


Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo (Volume 14)
Mei Sakuraga ☆ Ch03  Download ☆ Complete Download ☆

Hello 🙂 long time no see 😛 We have Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo Ch03 By Mei Sakuraga release for you!! As always I suck with deadlines, I should really stop giving any lol. This is the last update for Shinonome Ryuichi x Yukimura Shuuji for this volume faster but… We did a good thing to wait considering we had the raws from the magazine itself and since there was no sex part at all, we waited for the tankōbon to be released and saw they were added! -(And on top of that, Yoru uncensored it!!)

There will be no more updates for this volume. The side story for Yuki-chan’s brother is already translated by the original group who usually does this series – and I feel so bad…we were noobs at the time, and we should of never touched this manga, we had no idea it had dibbs on it and I hope if the group reads this there wont be any hate towards us, we are so sorry!! I had been in love with the series for so long now, plus we have made alot of BLCDs for this series too (check out our page for them here) You can read the spin off here on mangago or visit there blog here Mori no Kuma scanlations) Well enjoy! – I know I did lol.

Ps : We are in Katsura Komachi Heaven right now; Rouge Vol01Ch01 / Rouge et le Noir Ch02/ Rouge Oneshot is translated / typeset and we are doing quality checking and waiting on colored covers!!!! – Expect this release soon!!!!!!! **Kyaaa excited!!! – The oneshot is fuckinggg hottt!! Oh and Ai Ni Chimayoe!  is also getting quality check. ( Ch03 is already getting translated- and this will be our main manga project once everything is out this week!) I’m on vacay this week so I am expected to finish these asap so I can move on to BLCDS all summer!! – Again sorry for the delay…busy lifeeeee lol


Fated Fujoshis / Credits / Translations: Fated Fujoshis / Jap- Proofreading: Nagareboshi @crappy-bl-scanlations/ Eng-Proofreading: Ash @nijiniji-nikubou-scans / Scans: Anonymous / Cleaning Phase 1: Neko / Phase 2 Cleaning & Uncensoring : Yoru @sentimientoyaoi / Typesetting: Katsumi Fujoshi / Quality Check : Nini Niji @nijiniji-nikubou-scans & Tiff @sakurayuki523​ / – Thank you so much girls for all your help in making this one possible xox

1/2 Cigarette [Kayama Aori] (Update c.4-6+ Extra) [Eng]


½ Cigarette By Kayama Aori
Joint @sentimientoyaoi Project
Download Full Volume MF / MEGA

Good Evening Everyone! We have Here 1/2 Cigarettes complete! This link Includes 2 chapters, the extra (chapter 6 ) and the afterword in a folder – Choose to download the whole volume or chapters you missed individually! We wanted to do a full release one shot so its finally done so you guys can enjoy it faster!!  We do plan on having Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo Chapter 3 and Rouge et le Noir 2 next up for release ( seems they are done getting translated!!) and I am working on SICK’s BLCD + manga Videos also! Ill try to release 2 tracks by Sunday Night before Easter weekend comes up,  everyone including me will be busy doing family stuff!! (If Delayed I am so sorryyu know I suck with deadlines lol) – Katsumi xox PS : Thank you girls so much again for all your hard efforts *hugs*


Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project / Credits / Translations: Fated Fujoshis / Jap- Proofreading: Nagareboshi / Eng-Proofreading: Ash NNS / Scans: Anonymous / Cleaning: Yoru SY / Typesetting: HellRen / Quality Check : Nini Niji NNS, Katsumi FF& Nikah SY

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