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Hello! Dawn Fujoshi here with the completed Vanilla Resort by Ootsuki Miu. I know I said I’d have an update a few days ago but I really wanted to put out the last four tracks together so please forgive me for being late. As you may have noticed with this project I did not pop the bubbles to match the audio and there are a few areas where the translation is missing, again sorry for that. Just didn’t have the time or the man power to do that with this project. But I still hope you like my videos. Link below and it starts off at track three of the playlist 🙂

📺 Vanilla Resort By Ootsuki Miu Complete
♫ Cast: Atsushi Abe x Wataru Hatano & Taishi Murata


ναηιℓℓα яєѕσят ραят 2


Hi! Dawn Fujoshi and today I bring you part 2 to Vanilla Resort by Ootsuki Miu. Ootsuki Miu was one of the first mangakas I read when I first found out about yaoi and I love their work. The couples she writes about keeps me coming back to read them all over again and of course the sex is always steamy. I just wish the good parts were edited out 😉

This is another one that I hadn’t updated in a while and I promise to finish this one soon since I’m working on Ten Count Vol 4 right now and I’ll be picking up Mou ichido, nando demo By Aniya Yuiji and I would like to start Itadakimasu, Gochisou-sama. So yeah I’ll be really busy soon lol. As always you guys are amazing and thanks for supporting us and being so patient with me. Until next time…..

📺 Watch Here. Vanilla Resort By Ootsuki Miu Part 2



ναηιℓℓα яєѕσят Part 1

♥ Kon’nichiwa min’na-san!
Vanilla Resort Part 1 By Ootsuki Miu By Dawn Fujoshi is now available! Just an FYI, this is Katsumi, and I am here to update you all on why we are having such slow releases lately. It is a fact that Links by Kizu Natsuki is in developpement and almost finish. I am trying to meet the deadline for this Friday night coming. Why is it taking so long ,you are asking? Well, this cd is 35% freestyle, I had to get at least 3 translators on this very long project ( the CD is 2hrs). So rest assured, I’ve been working very hard to bring you this special project. We also saw, yes Yondaime Ooyamato Tatsuyuki did have an update, and one of the tracks did need the other chapter to be completed, and trust me, we know it is a fan favorite and Dawn is currently working on that right now too.
Also, our fujoshi domination is coming along, we do have a new recruit, with her videos coming your way soon, the more the merrier (proper introductions will be coming your way ♥) , lets hope for more fujoshis and fudanshis come our way and decided to join us to make more videos, more series, all in one place. If one of you volunteered one BLCD we could have our old collection back but actually call it our own. The software are super easy and we are willing to teach you! So consider this if you are interested, we believe in teamwork, so we are always there to help out…Trust me we are 7 to have worked on Links lol, to whoever voted on this project you will be very please!
So for Now enjoy! Thank you for reading this, and supporting us! (It means the world to us ♥)
vanilla-resort-370013.3📺 Watch Here. Vanilla Resort By Ootsuki Miu Part 1
♫ Cast: Atsushi Abe x Wataru Hatano & Taishi Murata.
Sumarry: From Yaoi Is Life: Mutsu is a famous mangaka in the adult manga department, but he’s extremely shy. Akiharu’s job is to look after him. When Akiharu catches Mutsu in a compromising situation, he offers his help. With pocket pussy in hand, jerking Mutsu off has become part of his job, and Akiharu is getting really aroused.



Please do lol…