вℓυє ѕку ςσмρℓєאָ ∂яαмα ς∂ тяαςк 4


вℓυє ѕку ςσмρℓєאָ by ιςнιкαωα кєι

Cast: Narasaki Motochika (Satou Takuya) & Terashima Natsuki (Eguchi TakuyaVideo by: Dora Fujoshi ♥Scans by: Nyxilicious Scans ♦Translations by: Nagareboshi 

♠Watch here: вℓυє ѕку ςσмρℓєאָ тяαςк 4 


Hello minna !! Sorry it took me a month to finish chap. 4  ╥﹏╥ I even said that I’d post 1 chap per week *bows*  You see, I’ve been busy with school these past month   ٩( ̄∇ ̄”)۶ (Yeah I’m still going to school). Well, I can’t promise but I’d rather say  chap 5’s coming right up so stay tune! (It’s a holiday so I can finally focus.)

1/2 Cigarette [Kayama Aori] (Update c.4-6+ Extra) [Eng]


½ Cigarette By Kayama Aori
Joint @sentimientoyaoi Project
Download Full Volume MF / MEGA

Good Evening Everyone! We have Here 1/2 Cigarettes complete! This link Includes 2 chapters, the extra (chapter 6 ) and the afterword in a folder – Choose to download the whole volume or chapters you missed individually! We wanted to do a full release one shot so its finally done so you guys can enjoy it faster!!  We do plan on having Himitsu Ja Nai Kedo Chapter 3 and Rouge et le Noir 2 next up for release ( seems they are done getting translated!!) and I am working on SICK’s BLCD + manga Videos also! Ill try to release 2 tracks by Sunday Night before Easter weekend comes up,  everyone including me will be busy doing family stuff!! (If Delayed I am so sorryyu know I suck with deadlines lol) – Katsumi xox PS : Thank you girls so much again for all your hard efforts *hugs*


Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project / Credits / Translations: Fated Fujoshis / Jap- Proofreading: Nagareboshi / Eng-Proofreading: Ash NNS / Scans: Anonymous / Cleaning: Yoru SY / Typesetting: HellRen / Quality Check : Nini Niji NNS, Katsumi FF& Nikah SY

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вℓυє ѕку ςσмρℓєאָ ∂яαмα ς∂ тяαςк 3


C6z1Hj5U8AAJIb5.jpgвℓυє ѕку ςσмρℓєאָ by ιςнιкαωα кєι

Cast: Narasaki Motochika (Satou Takuya) & Terashima Natsuki (Eguchi TakuyaVideo by: Dora Fujoshi ♥Scans by: Nyxilicious Scans ♦Translations by: Nagareboshi 

♠Watch here: вℓυє ѕку ςσмρℓєאָ тяαςк 3 

Yo! Dora’s back with blue sky complex 😄 I’ll post each chapter every week so stay tune 😀 I was supposed to post CD 1 in one go but unfortunately luck wasn’t with me -_- (u’ll know if you’ve read Katsumi~san’s previous post :3)
It’s a slow-paced manga but you’ll love how the main charas find themselves in love. I want to show everyone what’s in  CD2 so I’ll be patient and finish CD1 😄 (I cant get enough of Satou~sans voice especially when doing that lmao XD) Well, so much for that. ENJOY ^_^

008 - 17

Rouge et le Noir / Katsura Komachi / Chapter 1 Release


Rouge et le Noir By Katsura Komachi
(Ongoing In Gush Magazine) Download Chapter 1

The long anticipating wait is now over!! We are launching today Rouge et le Noir by Katsura Komachi Chapter 1!!! I really hope you guys like it!! I know I was really happy to find out there was going to be a spin off of Rouge  when we were scanlating Rouge. The huge debate was who was uke and seme, I think the end phrase says it all, but for you to find out!! We will be working on Chapter 2 ASAP, so please be patient for more, after that we will need to wait on the actual serialized chapters since this manga is ongoing in Gush Magazine! Now on to 1/2 Cigarettes, look forward to our complete release, I am hopping everything will b typeset and quality check by next Sunday 🙂 -Katsumi xox


– Please wait 48hrs before uploading to manga site, in case of mistakes!

Joint Sentimiento Yaoi Project / Credits / Translations: Iced Tea @justpeachyicedtea / Eng-Proofreading: Ash @nijiniji-nikubou-scans / Scans: The Anon? / Cleaning: Yoru @sentimientoyaoi /  Typesetting:  Fantaisy  / Quality Check : Nini Niji @nijiniji-nikubou-scans , Katsumi & Nikah @@sentimientoyaoi

Itou-san Prequel Final Part By Kuraka Sui is Now available!


Itou-san By Kuraka Sui
Part 1 / Part 2 / Part 3
Joint Project with /Justpeachyicedtea /
Setimiento Yaoi /The Anon?

Hello peeps! We present you the final release of ” Itou-San’sPrequel” (When “Itou” was still “I”) By Kuraka Sui / Joint Project With Justpeachyicedtea / Setimiento Yaoi/  This is the third and final part, which in my opinion kinda answers a lot of question we had for the first volume. This mangaka will be missed, now on to Rouge et le Noir next on the chopping block, I think by Sunday night / Monday Moring we should be ready, we are still quality checking it so we can provide you with the best scans as possible 🙂 See you soon 🙂

Special thanks to all the girls who help us on this; Iced Tea for Translations, Anon for providing the scans, my precious Yoru for cleaning, Fantaisy for the typesetting, my beloved  Nini Niji & Nikah who always make our scans look top notch 😉 and LustfulCat  for taking the time to help us with proofreading 🙂 -Katsumi xox

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Hello :) Update Info!

Hey guys, a lot of you have been writing to us asking if the blog is dead…. I can some what understand since its almost been a month we haven’t updated anything, so I will let you know what is going on!!

Manga Updates :

Itou-San Chapter 3 is getting quality proofed / typesetting is done but we are missing 3 pages!!! So we are waiting on them, release should be very soon!!

Rouge et le Noir Chapter 1 is getting last stage done also, quality check, should be out very soon as well! ( We had issues with the scans but no worries we got them!)

Ai ni Chimayoe! Chapter 2 is translated and cleaned, we just need an English proofer for it, typesetting will be fast after that….please be patient on this one! We really dint mean too make this one take forever but we had major issues with the translations etc but don’t worry everything is on its way!

1/2 Cigarettes Chapters 4-6 Will be release one shot prolly in 2 weeks, its getting proofed and typeset right now, I wanted to do a full release so Its done and over with. Again be patient its coming!!

Rouge Sequel + Oneshot, We bought the scans, its getting clean and translated right now and planned released should be april then mid april for mid chapters. ( Estimated time…)

Himitsu Ja Nai kedo Chapter 3, we have the cleans, the other chapters (the extra of the new coupling is already translated) but we were waiting because the scans had invisible dicks with white all over the place, we were waiting on the actual manga release to compare if in the magazine it was just censored or not, but at this point fuck it, we will uncensored it and I will get it translated after 1/2 Cigs.

Everything Should be done/ released by the end of April so we can just update ongoing manga (Rouge, Mr.gossip and Rouge et le Noir) so that we can concentrate on our BLCDs more considering those release happen about every 2 months.

BLCD Updates

For the BLCDs, I think (Katsumi) I’ve said it before…I am really busy with life/work and this manga hurdle, I want to pass it first before continuing videos. I do want to do Sick next, Escape Journey is being a total bitch, all of chapter one on the track is skipped and its really hard to make the video, almost like its non compatible…and i lost all motivation for it…So we shall see later on…

As for Dora, in her misfortune, lost all of Blue Skye 1 and 2…she got a computer virus…prolly because of porn lol ( she says its her cousins usb key…but yeah lololol) So she will be redoing it, and this time launching one track at a time so we don’t lose anything! ( she wanted to do a complete one shot release for you guys!)

And as for Dawn, she is busy with life as well and gaming! You cant blame her, I feel the same, we went all hardcore for BLCDS at first and now we are tapped out…Doing videos is hard, especially the way we like our editing, we are becoming obsessive on how it looks etc, its just a vicious cycle lol. Ten count 4-5 will get made, please don’t worry, but all in due time!

One a good note,  I am teaching a noobie 🙂 We are working on a remake of Choco Vanilla Strawberry for practice. We wanted to redo it since we cant seem to find them online anymore, and i though it would be an easy one for her and me to start on! So look forward to that soon and  me introducing her on release!

And that’s it! If you guys have more questions feel free to ask on this thread ok!? We really love you guys, so that is why I though an explanation was due 😉 -Katsumi xox

кσι тσ ωα вαкα ∂є αяυ кσтσ ∂α

001 - Copy - Copy.png

✰ Koi to wa Baka De aru Koto da ✰ By Ogeretsu Tanaka ✰
♡♡♡A collection of stories ♡♡♡
♡♡♡Videos Made By Dawn, Dora & Katsumi♡♡♡
CD Translations By Nagareboshi / Scan Translations u-zai

♫ Watch Here for Full Playlist  Here

♡♡♡Happy Valentine’s day minna! ♡♡♡ハピー バレンタインデイ!♡♡♡
We have a gift for our loving fandom, a way to say thanks for all your support ( and patience with our slow asses!!) in the last year, and what a great way to show our gratitude is by releasing a full BLCD* one shot release!! This one was perfect to work on as a team, considering it was 3 couples, we were 3 editors willing on working on sharing all 3 stories and showing them off in our own creative way! Share with your fujoshi friends that you love and bond over the smex and kawainess! *Drools* The cast is amazing, I think all of them were perfect for their role and I hope you guys laughed as much as we did with those crybaby ukes!! Let us know who was your favorite couple 😉 – Fated Fujoshi Team xox

1-2 ✰ Koi to wa Baka de Aru Koto da  /  Videos by ♔ Dawn Fujoshi ♔
Finally after 32 years of being a virgin Maki, an anxious cafe clerk, got himself a first boyfriend! But Sayama is 12 years younger than him and straight!
♫BLCD Cast:(Sayama) Sagara Nobuyori x (Maki) Okitsu Kazuyuki

3-4 ✰ Sotozura Dake wa Oujisama / Videos by ♔ Katsumi Fujoshi ♔
The perfectly handsome and gentle Jun’ya is actually an asshole. He only shows his real self to his childhood friend, Shuu. And that always make Shuu’s mind fill up with anger. But, there are times he’s gentle…?
♫BLCD Cast: (Junya) Toriumi Kousuke x (Shuu) Murata Taishi

5-6- ✰ Nakenai Usotsuki / Videos by ♔ Dora Fujoshi ♔
Segawa is a perfect boyfriend for Manaka, but some things about him seem just off…?
♫BLCD Cast: (Manaka) Higuchi Tomoyuki x (Segawa) Tamaru Atsushi


Sayama ♡ Maki / Junya ♡ Shuu / Manaka ♡ Segawa


Happy V-Day!!

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renai rubi.jpg

Renai Rubi No Tadashii Furikata / Ogeretsu Tanaka ♫ Cast: Shingaki Tarusuke, Masuda Toshiki, Ono Yuuki And Satou Takuya / Videos Created By Dawn Fujoshi / See More →


New Release !! Yarichin Bitch Club / Ogeretsu Tanaka ♬ Cast : Kobayashi Yuusuke, Hamano Daiki, Murase Ayumu, Takuya Satou, Okitsu Kazuyuki (Tamura), Yonaga Tsubasa (Akemi), Nakazawa Masatomo (Itsuki Shikatani), Nakayama Masahiro / Videos made by Katsumi Fujoshi / Dora Fujoshi & Translations by Nagareboshi / See More →